10 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Virtual Assistant

10 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Virtual Assistant

What is a Amazon Virtual Assistant? Amazon Virtual Assistants are professionals who provide your Amazon business with support. They can be employed full-time, part-time, or on a temp job by job contract. Amazon VA’s can do anything that you need them to do in order to grow and maintain your Amazon business – they’re capable of doing everything from data entry, customer service work, marketing tasks and more! Are you looking for an Amazon VA? If so then keep reading!

Did you know

It is approximately 3 times cheaper to hire a Virtual Assistant than a full time worker!

What is a VA?

Virtual assistants assist business owners by doing various tasks. More specifically, they act as secondary employees who work remotely to free up the owner’s time for more important duties. Virtual assistants can serve a variety of purposes that range from administrative tasks and communications to social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) and customer service.

Amazon Virtual Assistants

The Amazon FBA industry has seen a rise in demand of Amazon VA’s to assist with various tasks. Amazon VAs are an extremely valuable asset to any Amazon FBA business, as they can assist with customer service and social media, which customers need promptly. Hiring an Amazon VA is also a great investment for administrative work like data entry and research/data gathering, simplifying these tasks for the owner.

Amazon Virtual Assistant data entry

Who Needs One?

Many people running Amazon FBA businesses recognize the need for additional support when it comes to maintaining their success. Many people start having an Amazon VA after realizing that they simply cannot keep up with orders alone.

Where To Find One?

There are many different online platforms that offer Amazon VA services. A few of the most popular include Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.

Who Can Be An Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Not everyone has what it takes to be an Amazon VA. The following list contains skills necessary for being an Amazon virtual assistant:

  • Amazon FBA knowledge: Amazon VA’s must be familiar with Amazon and the Amazon FBA business. They should have a basic understanding of how Amazon works in order to successfully complete tasks like customer service as well as other marketing strategies
  • Excellent written skills: The ability to write is essential for Amazon VA’s as they must be able to write a variety of different things, ranging from customer service responses, product descriptions and social media posts.
  • Organization skills: Amazon VA’s are responsible for keeping themselves organized. This includes tasks like creating spreadsheets for tracking metrics or downloading apps that can help with administration work
  • Time management skills: Amazon VA’s must be able to manage their time wisely. They should set goals at the beginning of each work day and try not to let those tasks pile up for too long as it will start affecting productivity
  • Creativity: Amazon VA’s need creativity when writing responses or composing social media posts, which are often spontaneous conversations with customers

Do I really need a Virtual Assistant?

Do I really need a Virtual Assistant

This really depends on many factors.

  • How much time do you have to spend on your Amazon Business?
  • Do you want to grow your Amazon business, but not have the time or energy for it?
  • Do you need help with marketing your Amazon products and growing sales numbers? Perhaps a VA can provide some relief.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Pros and Cons

There are a lot of Amazon Virtual Assistants that are eager to help Amazon businesses. If you need one it is important to take time to consider the type of business, goals and expectations. You should also look at what your business is currently doing and how much time you have for it. If Amazon business owners don’t get a chance to strategize or implement new tasks it can result in slower business growth.


  • Amazon Virtual Assistants can serve as a valuable resource for building Amazon business without taking time away from the owner’s other tasks, family or hobbies.
  • Amazon Virtual Assistants can be helpful with marketing Amazon products and providing growth estimates while handling social media, email and other Amazon business tasks.
  • The cost is low with most VAs charging $7-20 per hour, which is far less than the costs of hiring a full time Amazon employee
  • A VA can be an excellent source of relief to your Amazon business, allowing you more time for other tasks
  • You will have someone that has the expertise in marketing Amazon products in order to increase sales numbers
  • An experienced VA can provide research on new products or marketing strategies and could be an excellent source of information
  • Part time Amazons VA would be beneficial for someone who wants their own business but cannot commit to a full-time Amazon business.


  • Amazon Virtual Assistants may not be aware of the Amazon niche and have a limited understanding about what is happening on Amazon at any given time.
  • It is possible that you don’t find an Amazon Virtual Assistant to be a good fit and they may not work out for your Amazon Business in the long-run.

How to find a good VA?

There are many ways of finding Amazon Virtual Assistants with some going through posting on job boards, advertising. There are a few options for Amazon sellers to find a VA. They can use websites like Fiverr, Upwork or hire someone locally in their city/state or country. It is important for an Amazon seller to know what they want from their VA before hiring them so both parties know what they are getting into.

A good question for an Amazon seller to ask themselves before hiring a Amazon VA is “What tasks do I want this Amazon Virtual Assistant to complete?”

You want an Amazon VA who has experience on how to use Amazon seller tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are Amazon Seller Tools. They are the most powerful Amazon product research software on the market. They provide Amazon sellers with everything they need to know about ranking Amazon products, including Amazon reviews, Amazon commissions and Amazon keyword rankings. As well as various resources that can help grow your Amazon business, such as a sales estimator, an Amazon product tracker and a competitive intelligence tool among others.

Finding a good VA on Fiverr

You can find a quality virtual assistant on Fiverr. Just be sure that you know exactly what work and the level of experience that you need, and set clear expectations so there won’t any surprises or misunderstandings. A good way to find a freelancer on fiverr is to search for experts in your niche. Experts are usually more expensive but will provide you with quality work. You can also choose to start with 5 dollar gigs to try out people before deciding if they are the right fit for you. Freelancers from countries like USA and UK are usually going to be much more expensive than those from India or other lower-income countries.

Fiverr Amazon virtual assistant

Finding a good VA on Upwork

The first thing you should do is to create a detailed job posting to figure out what you’re looking for. This includes the job duties, hours, qualifications and a general description of the business. This will help you find an assistant that suits your needs and takes some pressure off of you.

Next, write up your work agreement in detail. This includes what tasks are included in the position, compensation and expectations from each side as well as instructions on how to apply for the job.

The most important is to find a VA that has experience in Amazon FBA and with your industry

A good Amazon VA can provide Amazon listing optimization services. They can help you by optimizing your Amazon listings to include the best keywords for each page, as well as improving their rankings and conversion rates!

10 of the most common reasons Amazon Virtual Assistants are hired:

  1. Inventory Tracking/Organization – Time spent managing your business’s inventory levels and organization leads to higher profits. Amazon Virtual Assistants can help you to organize and track your inventory levels, so that you never have an out-of-stock moment again.
  2. Negotiation – VA’s are a good option for negotiating with suppliers because they can negotiate on behalf of the company without having any personal contact or investment in the end-result. Amazon VA’s can also get you better rates and discounts on products that are being bought in bulk, saving the company money over time.
  3. Data Entry – Amazon VA’s can enter information such as sales, inventory levels and daily transactions with little to no training on your part.
  4. Social Media Management – Social media can be a time-consuming task for Amazon sellers who are looking to grow their business’s online presence. Amazon Virtual Assistants specialize in social media management because they know the ins-and-outs of what it takes to have a successful Amazon-based social media strategy.
  5. Amazon Marketing Strategy – make a plan for how you promote your products
  6. Listing Optimization – process of optimizing Amazon listings that are already live on the site by improving and tweaking them to increase sales
  7. Keyword Research – finding out what people are searching for
  8. Amazon customer service help – Amazon VAs can handle a variety of tasks related to customer support Amazon VAs can free up your time for more important tasks, while providing great customer service!
  9. Researching the competition to ensure that your Amazon product remains competitive in terms of pricing.
  10. Gathering and understanding Amazon policies – don’t get your account suspended or closed

As an Amazon seller, you can’t afford not to stay ahead of your competition. One way Amazon VAs can help is by finding new products and trends on Amazon before they are even popularized! They will only need a few minutes for some searches, but that could lead to discovering items that would make great Amazon products for your Amazon store.

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