Can you make money with AliExpress Affiliate program in 2021?

Can you make money with AliExpress Affiliate program in 2021?

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn a great income. It’s attractive because affiliates don’t have to create, store or ship products. Simply write an honest review or advertise and promote products you’re affiliated with. When someone buys a product through the affiliate link, that affiliate receives a commission. Companies pay out millions of dollars annually to top affiliates for simply helping to promote their products.

Aliexpress Affiliate program complete review

Established in 2010, AliExpress is a well-known business that manages a cutting-edge affiliate program. Each affiliate can utilize advanced tools that could maximize profits, increase conversion rates, offer detailed statistics, provide unique links and improve automation. Once you join the affiliate program, you could consistently promote high-quality products that may interest many customers. According to recent reports, at least 130,000 sellers regularly utilize the company’s platforms, and some affiliates may earn monthly commissions with a value of more than $20,000.
Only in 2020, the average monthly visits were 466 million! We tested this program to give the most up-to-date review of the widely overlooked Aliexpress affiliate program. The way Aliexpress operates is like eBay, where businesses or individuals list their products for sale.

AliExpress average monthly traffic by country

AliExpress  monthly traffic by country

Is it worth signing up for the AliExpress Affiliate program?

Aliexpress and Amazon are both global giants in the affiliate marketing space. Together they have over a million affiliates earning commissions

Without a doubt, Amazon associates is still king with affiliate programs. It converts much better. It has a trusted and known brand, shipping speed, price, payouts, and product range, especially in most English-speaking parts of the world.

The AliExpress affiliate marketing program is one of the largest in the world. While it is not quite as large as Amazon Associates, the AliExpress direct affiliate program is the foreign hypermarket that is the most popular places like Brazil, Russia and Ukraine. Plus, it’s a leading cross-border shopping locomotive embraced by large websites and online publishers in many countries that were former Soviet Union members. The AliExpress affiliate program is a huge hit in countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine and AliExpress handles over 33% of the region’s online traffic. It is also wildly popular and growing throughout Asia and Eastern Europe. With an average of 31 million visitors monthly only from the US, it can’t be ignored, and we think it is slowly catching up with the most popular affiliate programs. We review two Aliexpress affiliate programs – via the Aliexpress website and via Admitad – with great commission payout options.

Aliexpress Affiliate Pros

straightforward sign-up process
high commission rates
very competitive product pricing compared to Amazon or eBay
worldwide shipping
huge range of products from phone cover up to forklifts
growing customer base and customer brand awareness

Aliexpress Affiliate Cons:

international shipping takes longer
less known compared to eBay or Amazon (this is changing fast)
product quality might not meet our expectations (especially with the cheaper products)

The Sign-up and verification process is straightforward. In our opinion signing up through Admitad is easier and faster (we were approved within one business day). Commission rates are competitive compared to other programs (Amazon associates and eBay).

Lower prices for the same items are a big pro for consumers looking for a bargain. Most items listed for sale are from China. Price-wise, Aliexpress is a big win compared to others. Combined with worldwide shipping makes them stand out from the crowd. Based on customer reports, a small percentage of customers in remote areas (for example, the Pacific Islands) are left out without options for online shopping. Most sellers on eBay and Amazon do not ship to remote areas and PO Boxes. We found no issues ordering items from Aliexpress. The delivery time is around two weeks which for this part of the world is still good. The product range of items being sold on Aliexpress can be overwhelming. Almost anything can be found there. From an affiliate point, this is a big bonus as you can find something for every niche. Aliexpress sales are rising year to year, which means it’s gaining popularity and is more known as a shopping platform. This is a good sign as more competition is always good for both the end consumer and the affiliate marketers.

How does AliExpress affiliate program work

This program works similarly to Amazon associates and eBay affiliates. There are no special requirements to be accepted onto the program apart from having a website or blog. We earn money by referring customers to their websites. Each time someone purchases via our affiliate link, we make a commission. From the time a customer clicks on your links, he has three days to complete the transaction (pay for the goods). After that time, if nothing happened and the transaction didn’t go ahead, you will not be paid any commission. The commissions you get depend on the product category.

How to sign-up through the Aliexpress website

How to sign-up to the Aliexpress affiliate program

The sign-up process is very straightforward. To create an affiliate account, we need to provide basic information, like our name, how we will promote the products, our website URL, email. The whole process takes less than five minutes. Verification usually takes around two business days, though we heard it can take as much as ten days. In our case, it took only one day to be verified.

To signup visit: and select Register for a new account

In total there 3 steps to get registered.

create an affiliate account step 1


Enter your name, surname, media type and Region


Media type, website name, URL, traffic distribution, category and short description

create an affiliate account step 2
create an affiliate account step 3


Contact details. Email should be enough, enter your verification code (sent to your email) and that’s it. If you didn’t receive the verification code make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes it might end up there.

AliExpress affiliate program account

AliExpress Affiliate Payouts

This is not a strong side of Aliexpress affiliate program. There is only one option – international bank transfer and this comes with a fee of $15 on top of which your bank still might charge some fee. The minimum account balance to do a payout is $16. If you are fine with slightly lower commission rates, you can sign up for the Aliexpress Affiliate program via Admitad. Using Admitad will allow you to get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney and bank card deposits. To receive payments in we suggest opening a TransferWise account.


The commission rates depend on what product category is being promoted. After the consumer purchases via our link, it can take anything from 40 to 60 days to cash in our commission. The product needs to be delivered and accepted by the consumer. If a dispute is opened, we do not get paid. As usual, Aliexpress returns the money to the consumer. Below is the latest commission table where you can compare the difference in commissions for different category groups when signing up directly through AliExpress and Admidad.

Signup as a AliExpress Affiliate Via Admitad

Admitad is an affiliate network that corporates with many publishers and advertisers. It is a trusted and long-term business. The main advantage of using Admitad with the Aliexpress affiliate program are the payout options.

Open a publisher account on Admitad here

After verifying your email and website (you will need to insert a code in the header of the site or upload a txt file in the public directory of the website to verify ownership), add the Aliexpress WW program – verification takes one business day.

Benefits of signing up through Admitad

– simple and easy to understand the sign up process (Aliexpress website is a bit more difficult to understand and not much information is provided there)

– more affiliate programs to choose from

– much more payout options

The only downside of using Admitad is that it has slightly lower commission rates.

AliExpress Affiliate program commission rates table

Click here to join the Admitad Aliexpress affiliate program

Admitad AliExpress Affiliate

How to sign up for the AliExpress Affiliate program via Admitad

Admitad signup step 1

Enter your Name, email and login details

Choose what country and category programs you want to join – at this stage don’t worry to much about this as you can edit it or add other programs at a later stage from your account. To join the Aliexpress affiliate program we chose China as the country and Online services as the Category.

Admitad signup step 2
Admitad signup step 4

Select “Affiliate store” as the website type. This can also be edited in the future to add other website types.

Enter you website name and it’s URL

Admitad signup step 5
Admitad signup step 6

Confirm Website ownership by adding the code in in the head of your website or by uploading the txt file in the public folder in your web hosting account.

In the third tab “Programs” type Aliexpress in the search bar. Join the Aliexpress WW program. Your application will be confirmed within 1 business day

Admitad signup step 7

Final thoughts

People worldwide are familiar with Amazon. As an online marketplace giant, they can deliver thousands of products directly to customers’ doors every day. They are the most popular site for online shopping in the Americas, Brazil, Canada and Western Europe. The company accounts for about 23% of online shopping worldwide. Amazon’s Associates program has about 900,000 affiliates. They also market products to satisfy almost any niche imaginable. However, although the company is well-known globally, AliExpress has a stronger presence in the huge market in Asia. Both programs have their pros and cons. If your target audience is from the US, Canada or Western Europe, you can earn more with Amazon Associates.

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