Amazon FBA Reddit Groups you Must Follow NOW + Best Case Studies

Amazon FBA Reddit Groups you Must Follow NOW + Best Case Studies

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Amazon FBA Reddit Groups you Must Follow NOW + Best Case Studies 1

Amazon FBA Reddit groups are absolutely free and brilliant information sources. If you currently aren’t a member of these communities, you need to go and join them now.

There are few places that you can talk to real Amazon FBA sellers in a place that isn’t affiliated to some kind of paid group or membership. 

Consequently, there is no agenda, no one is being removed if they complain, everyone is learning and helping each other because a.) they want to and b.) chances are if you help someone today, someone will help you tomorrow.

At least that’s what I like to believe. People on the platform are so generous with their time and information giving to complete strangers for no apparent reason – all hail Reddit.

Need a cheap and safe way to pay your suppliers? Check out my write up of TransferWise.

Let’s talk about which communities you should consider joining, and then I’ll point you towards some really great threads that are worth reading.

The Best Amazon FBA Reddit Groups

This first group or ‘subreddit’/‘sub’ is the best however, there are other groups which are worth joining too for increasing general knowledge of ecommerce, marketing and business. 

1. r/FulfillmentByAmazon

Fulfillment by Amazon
About reddit FBA comunity

I’ve spoken about this great community before, but for those who aren’t a part of it:

r/FulfillmentByAmazon is the largest and most active sub with over 60,000 members, the vast majority of which are current or aspiring sellers. 

I would say the discussion is aimed towards the intermediate – advanced level. This is what makes the sub so brilliant. However, if you post oblivious disregard for this, you may find your post deleted or receive some less than helpful answers. 

To start building relationships properly, for simple questions and answers, you should look and post in the weekly sticky threads as shown below:

Ask thread question

This allows the sub to not get cluttered with one line answers and allows higher level discussion to remain the focus.

There’s also a healthy amount of ‘look how great I’m doing’ type posts which may be a gloat from the author – use them for motivation and even ask a few questions if appropriate.

r/FulfillmentByAmazon has been great for getting answers to questions regarding PPC advertising anomalies and odd data trends for example – things that only other experienced sellers can assist you with.

On the note of experience, you can talk to and get the opinions of sellers turning over $5 Million plus per year all for free. If you can tell me where I can find this level of consulting for free anywhere else I’m all ears!!

2. r/Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Amazon FBA Reddit
About Amazon FBA Reddit Sub

Another great Amazon FBA Reddit sub that is more broadly for entrepreneurs, but has numerous Amazon related posts that are useful.

Boasting a total of 722,000 members at the time of writing, the sub is an absolute hive of activity and opinion. 

You can find lots of digital marketing, passive income chasers and online business start-ups here. I really like the case study and AMA (ask me anything) posts. 

They are helpful not only in their technical content but most importantly, it allows you to see how other successful entrepreneurs think and approach problems/business.

I think this level of community and exposure is truly hard to find anywhere else.

They say to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you can’t do it physically, do it here, you will benefit from inspiration if nothing else.

This Amazon FBA Reddit sub is primarily US based but is useful for sellers worldwide – I’m from the UK for example.

3. r/Ecommerce

r/ecommerce reddit sub has information regarding selling online
img 5fc778f0ab27d

Not specifically an Amazon FBA Reddit sub but useful and insightful nonetheless. r/ecommerce has information regarding the wider aspects of selling online. 

This is more useful for those with websites supporting their FBA businesses (as everyone should be building for channel diversification). Think about topics like marketing, SEO and conversion rates. 

Lots of discussion concerns dropshipping, affiliate marketing and Shopify. Any business with physical products can be similar, they need researching, sourcing, packaging and marketing.

Remember that Amazon FBA is just ONE sales channel of which you should utilise in your businesses. 

4. r/AmazonSeller

smaller Amazon FBA Reddit group
About smaller Amazon FBA Reddit group

A smaller Amazon FBA Reddit but useful all the same. This sub is based on just selling on Amazon in general, so content includes Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SPF) for example.

Being not specific to FBA, you get a slightly more broad user base and consequently a larger range of topics to draw tips and opinions from.

Looking to start product research? Check out my massive write up about Helium 10.

Common topics among fulfillment methods like PPC advertising, listing creation and customer service are all found here. 

Conclusively, all of these subreddits are great however, I get most value from r/FulfillmentByAmazon and would expect you to if focussed on FBA.

Best Amazon FBA Reddit Case Studies and Posts

To help save you some time, here’s a quick list of some really insightful threads that I can think off the top of my head:


Is Amazon FBA saturated in 2020?

In some areas yes, in some areas no. Sorry that’s an ambiguous answer, but it’s true. The key to succeeding in with Amazon FBA currently is to offer GREAT products to the right market. As there are more FBA sellers, a mediocre product is not going to sell like it used to. Have a read of my general guide to getting started for more info.

Is selling on Amazon FBA worth it?

Yes, the business model still works and the effort is worth the rewards. A lot of people still make a lot of money, a lot of people still want 1-day shipping and a lot of people still don’t want to mess around packing and sending their orders. Whether FBA generates the return that makes it worthwhile for you will depend on how much effort you apply to the project – I talked at length about this here.

How does Amazon FBA work Reddit

As a long-term seller, this is how the Amazon FBA process works for me:

  1. Research product ideas.
  2. Source products from manufacturer.
  3. Manufacturer packages and labels products.
  4. Manufacturer ships products to me for inspection.
  5. Amazon UPS service collects products and takes them to FBA warehouses.
  6. Amazon checks in products making them available to buy online.
  7. Customer buys product online.
  8. Amazon handles payment and ships product to customer.
  9. Amazon pays me the profit after taking their fees.

For more info check out my article on how here.

Parting thoughts

I hope you find my suggestions useful, a good Amazon FBA Reddit is a priceless resource – get stuck in! A few considerations:

  • Get into r/FulfillmentByAmazon.
  • Make sure to read each subreddit’s rules before posting to make sure you are well received.
  • While there are no affiliations or agendas, remember to take people’s opinions with a pinch of salt for the most part. Often people’s views are exaggerated online, whether positive or negative. However, I think Reddit is about as honest as it gets.

Take care,

Dom Sign off
Amazon FBA Reddit Groups you Must Follow NOW + Best Case Studies 2

Read this before signing up for an Amazon FBA course.

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