How to Change Amazon Store Name | Seller Name Ideas and Tips

How to Change Amazon Store Name | Seller Name Ideas and Tips

change amazon display name

Amazon seller or store names haven’t historically been of significant importance in regards to maximising sales on the platform. However, in order to sell successfully in recent times, brand building is the most effective way of doing business. At the start of all this is a coherent seller/brand name. So, for those existing sellers who want to continue to maximise their sales…

Can I Change My Amazon Store Name?

Yes, the process is very simple too:

  1. Log in to your Seller Central account.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ in the top right-hand corner.
  3. On the menu select ‘Account Info’.
  4. Under ‘Business Information’, select ‘Display Name’.
  5. Choose the correct Marketplace, in ‘Store details’ select ‘Edit’.

This will change your Amazon display name aka. Store/seller/brand name. This doesn’t affect your business legal name, which may or may not be the same as your seller name.

A quick guide in pictures if it helps:

Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Account Info’.

Amazon store settings

In the ‘Business Information’ section, select ‘Display Name’.

display name

Choose Marketplace, in ‘Store details’ select ‘Edit’.

Store info

If you need some inspiration for your new store name, here are a few thoughts on how to choose the best name and why.

Amazon Name Ideas: Choosing a professional store name

I like to brainstorm ideas for new brands and product names using inspiration from many sources. You should consider who your audience is, what exactly you are selling to them and will be selling in future, what you want your brand name to communicate and how wide or narrow you want your brand name to be.

For example, if this brand is a one-product brand selling steering wheels for motorsport, you might consider relating the entire brand to the product like – Apex Steering or Chicane Hand Grips etc. Alternatively, if you will be selling a range of motorsport products, a name like Chicane Racing or Apex Motorsport may be more appropriate.

It’s important to get this correct at this stage, as this will build the coherence and professionalism of your brand. However, don’t spend too long deciding, branding and store names can be changed at a later date if your business evolves in a way you didn’t predict – this always happens to me.

If you’re running short on ideas, a good way to inject some inspiration is with a name generator.

Amazon Name Generator – Amazon Brand Name Ideas!

While the suggestions from these tools may not always be good, some will! So get searching around and try a few name generators out online. I particularly like businessnamegenerator, as it allows for niche selection for more accurate suggestions.

Here, I used to term ‘racing’ to get some suggestions for a racing-related brand. The filters ‘Fast’ and ‘Sports’ help to create relevant results.

amazon name generator

but there are many to choose from, so have a go with some of these:

Once you’re happy with a store name, you need to make sure it’s still available on Amazon. Additionally, if you are really going to be building your online store brand, you should check the domain available ( and for trademarks to ensure you can scale appropriately later.

For UK guys, you can check for registered trademarks at the IPO here.

Amazon Seller Name Check – Is Mine Already Taken?

Luckily, Amazon have a store name availability checker built into the page where you change display name. This shouldn’t surprise me but unfortunately it does…

Use the same steps at the start of this page to navigate your way to the ‘Store details’ page where the new name can be tested.

Simply type it in and click out of the text box to see if the name is available:

change business display name

Bingo! This one is available to use. Click ‘Submit’ and your new store name should be publicly visible within 24 hours. Contact seller support if it’s not.

Should You Use Keywords in your Amazon Display Name?

Whether or not this is feasible will be situation specific. Furthermore, whether or not this is beneficial is also debatable. Let’s consider the two sides of the argument:

Using keywords in your store name – There may be marginal benefit in the form of SEO gains from search terms customers use that may relate to your brand or products. However, I’m not of the persuasion that store names with keywords get anywhere near as much weight as product titles with keywords. In my opinion, there is a higher chance of a less relevant product showing, rather than a more relevant store name.

Not using keywords in your store name – This would be my preferred option in most circumstances. Attempting to stuff keywords into a store name that will likely be no longer than 3 words at the most is difficult. Additionally, keywords that are specific enough to be relevant for one or two products, will only be relevant for, one or two products. This is not good unless you will be selling one or two products – unlikely but not unheard of.

I prefer to choose a broad store name which remains coherent with the type of products you are selling. Going back to the Apex Racing example, the customers know the company sells racing related products, however, the name allows for brand expansion, being non-specific to steering wheels.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Name

Many of the seller names you will come across on Amazon are quite frankly terrible. This gives us a chance to get a leg up on the competition immediately with a decent one. When choosing, here’s a few things to be wary of:

  • Being too generic – Of course, this ultimately comes down to a matter of opinion but staying clear of something like ‘Good Online Deals’ is probably wise.
  • Using unusual characters – This can work in very specific circumstances where the character or lack of characters can add to a minimalistic theme, but I would not recommend doing this for the vast majority of situations.
  • Mixing numbers and words – This makes a name look untidy and unprofessional, for example, ‘Car Parts 4You’. However, if the numbers relate to the brand story this could work well, such as ‘Forever 21’ or ‘WD-40’.
  • Be careful of ‘restricted’ words – Using words that Amazon consider restricted can make ranking your products and potentially brand harder. Ones to be wary of include terms relating to weapons (guns, knives etc), adult themes (sex etc) and religion. This will also narrow your potential audience, consider if this would be beneficial for you.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows brands to register their intellectual property and receive resources, expertise, and training to protect and grow their brands. The program is designed to help brands combat fraud and abuse, as well as create a consistent and trustworthy experience for customers.

Changing Your Amazon Storefront Name and Your Professional Seller Account

Changing the name of your Amazon Storefront will not affect your Professional Seller account. However, it is important to note that any changes you make to the Storefront should be consistent with the brand name associated with your Professional Seller account.

For example, if your Professional Seller account and storefront are listed under the same name, any changes you make to the storefront should be consistent with the brand name associated with your Professional Seller account. This includes changing the logo, color scheme, font, and layout of the Storefront.

It is also important to note that any changes you make to the Storefront should be reflected across all of your online channels, including your website, social media pages, and other online stores. This helps to ensure a consistent, trustworthy experience for your customers.

Amazon Store Builder – Changing the Amazon Stores Name

Amazon Store Builder is a tool that allows sellers to create custom Amazon Stores that match the look and feel of their brand. Sellers can customize their Storefronts with features like logos, color schemes, fonts, and layouts.

Changing the name of your Amazon Storefront is easy and can be done quickly with the Amazon Store Builder. All you need to do is select the “Edit Store Name” option from the Storefront Builder tool. From there, you can enter your desired Storefront name and click “Save.” Your new Storefront name will be displayed across all Amazon channels, including your Storefront page, product pages, and search results.

Parting Thoughts

Why and How to Edit Amazon Storefront Name

Editing an Amazon Storefront is a great way to increase sales and improve the customer experience in your online store. To get started, log into your Amazon account and click on the Storefront icon. From there, you can add new product categories, modify images and text, and change the layout and design of the storefront.

To add a new product category, click the “Add a Category” button and fill out the necessary information. This will allow you to organize your products into various categories, making them easier to find for customers.

To modify an existing product category, click the “Edit” button and make any changes you wish. You can upload new images, change the text, and rearrange the products within the category.

If you want to change the overall design of the Storefront, click the “Layout” button. Here, you can customize the background color, font size, and other elements of the page.

Finally, when you’re finished, click the “Publish” button to save your changes. With a few simple steps, you can easily edit your Amazon Storefront and provide a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Picking your store name will clearly be very individual, only you will know what will suit you best. I hope this has helped give you some direction on how to choose something suitable and long-lasting. Even if the advice is basic, at the very least you now know how to change your store name! Here are some takeaways:

  • Choose a name that reflects the niche, not necessarily one product.
  • Use a business name generator for some inspiration when choosing a store name.
  • Remember to check for available domain names and trademarks for your new name.
  • Ask friends and family for thoughts on a few of the names, they often point out obvious things that you have not considered (and things you are perhaps ignoring).
  • Make a decision and move on with your business, don’t waste time, you can change names at a later date if absolutely required.

If your reviews are not showing up make sure to read this article!

Take care,

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