The 5 Best Books for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business in 2018

The 5 Best Books for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business in 2018


I hate reading, or at least I used to.

When starting a business or following through with an idea, at some point you will ask yourself, so how do I actually do this? For me this is where quality, factual books really helped and continue to guide me through this ever-evolving web of entrepreneurship.

I figured out that I don’t read for enjoyment, I read to improve my performance and to learn. Like taking a class all by yourself and at your own pace.

The books below have really moulded my approach to business over so many avenues, I now think differently and act with a purpose that I would not previously thought possible of myself.

Consequently, I urge you to start reading if you don’t already. If you already read I urge you to read more. In this game if there is one thing worth investing in, I can say with full confidence, that one thing should be yourself.

Entrepreneurial style, self-help books are very powerful, but there are loads out there. Hopefully I can save you some time by acting as the first filter with this shortlist.

I wouldn’t say there was a ‘best’ book as the design and ideas will be individually suited to different people’s learning styles. However, I can assure you that each one will benefit you greatly, whether now or over time.  

The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries

Lean Start up

Ries bases most of his principles around the requirement for constant digital innovation. He states that ‘the only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else’.

I like this way thinking, most probably because it ties in with principles learnt during my career flying in the Military. Businesses, like warring factions, need to continuously adapt and learn or they’ll be outpaced and ultimately defeated.

This book majors on the idea of ‘taking action’, which is another key component of moving forward with your businesses and not stagnating in endless analysis or procrastination (something I used to do).

There’s lots of case studies here that help to demonstrate Ries’ ideas which is a nice addition.

Particularly recommended for those over-thinkers!  

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

4 hlur

Anyone who has read this book will know exactly why this is on my list. Ferriss is very popular in this space with his writings and podcast (worth a listen too).

Having sold over 1 million copies this one is a bit of an entrepreneurial Bible. The main idea behind it is to keep thinking outside the box, challenge conventional thought and push yourself beyond what you knew you were capable of.

Ferriss discusses some higher-level principles like why normal working life is outdated, and how those that are cognoscente of the fact can combat it with the likes of productivity and prioritisation.

Consider this one your general business guide which provides you with tools to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are.  

The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau


Guillebeau is an enigma, he’s a man that transforms passions into money making opportunities in order to fund his adventures around the world.  He uses his vast life experience to capture how the many people he has met monetise their passions.

Ultimately this is an Argos catalogue of inspiring case studies that will primarily motivate you when you begin to see and think like these individuals do.

The detail is fabulous here, with exact financial figures of how each business was formed and how they gained traction. Guillebeau then intertwines key mistakes and offers insight to what made each business a success.

Ideal for creative types who need a kick of motivation or guidance (or those looking for a wider appreciation of what’s possible)!  

The Six-Figure Second Income by David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek

six figure

This one is more specific in its teachings of methods for building an online income stream. Lindahl and Rozek describe in a beautifully pragmatic manner exactly how one can generate a successful business using information products (ebooks etc).

The writing style is almost conversational, as if your friend is taking you through the steps. Starting with common misconceptions, researching your own product and finally how to create your product and sell it online.

A great book for those looking for a detailed guide on how to go about selling information products, but also useful to learn is the logic behind creating an income stream that will take minimal upkeep and continually generate wealth with very few overheads.

So quite niche specific but useful in its beginner suited writing style for those less experienced in the space.  

ReWork by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson


Another book that is widely known, and for good reason. Fried and Hansson challenge mainstream business culture and mindset.

The book does a great job of showing just how little you actually need to succeed – a great fit for those solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. It highlights that you don’t need to be the tireless workaholic, you don’t need investors. You just need to prioritise, stop endless planning and meetings, and just start doing!

If you hadn’t noticed this act of just doing or ‘taking action’ is a common train of thought amongst entrepreneurial literature, and it’s very important so take note.

A slightly more controversial book in its opinions, but it’s full of counter intuitive genius that helps to develop a fresh way of thinking and foster a creative mindset, which I like a lot.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re after the complete entrepreneurial guidance, then your best off with ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ or ‘The Lean Start Up’.

If it’s motivation your looking for then take ‘ReWork’ or ‘The $100 Start Up’. Or if it’s a detailed, friendly hand-hold to show you exactly how to accomplish an online stream of income, read ‘The Six-Figure Second Income’.

I hope you can draw benefit from this list. Remember- there is no better investment than your own education!

Literature Mentioned

The Lean Start Up

The 4-Hour Work Week

The $100 Start Up

The Six-Figure Second Income


Speak soon, take care.

Dom Sign off
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