Beware – Most common Alibaba Scams in 2021

Beware – Most common Alibaba Scams in 2021

If you’re looking to buy from Alibaba, then it’s important that you know what scams to look out for. There are many different types of Alibaba scams, and they can be difficult to spot as a first-time buyer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most common scams and how to avoid them so you don’t get scammed!

Most common Alibaba Scams:

Most common Alibaba scams
  • Fake product photos. The most common type of fake photo Alibaba scam is where you’ll receive a picture of a product that looks good, but when it arrives you open the package and find out there’s something completely different. The only way to avoid this is by reading reviews on Alibaba or contacting suppliers to ask for pictures of the products they ship.
  • Price change after placing order. This is a scam that may not be immediately clear. The supplier will place a lower price first and then increase the price after you place an order for your product. They’ll justify this with some type of reasoning, including blaming it on inflation and “market conditions” or because they need to use an equipment or parts of higher quality.
  • Sending out samples that will meet your quality standards but the final bulk order of lower quality They may lower your quantity or change other specifications as well in an effort to keep costs down, but this is still an illegal practice. It can be hard to detect because oftentimes you won’t know the difference until you receive your order.
  • Fake supplier certificates and/or fake product compliance certificates. The supplier will send out a fake compliance certificates or say that they’re an ISO-certified manufacturer. Despite the fact that most electric appliances come from China and say UL/CE/FCC on them, they are not all reliable. Make sure to ask for a file number then verify it with either agency directly. Don’t believe everything you see printed on paper because some companies might copy an ID off of another company’s products just to save money despite having the right label tags on their merchandise! Watch out for mistakes on the certificates, misspelling or documents that look photo-shopped. You can also try calling or emailing them for more information on their production processes, so I recommend doing your homework before placing any orders.

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Less common Alibaba Scams to watch out for include:

Alibaba Scam
  • Shipping Alibaba scams – like when they say that the package is stuck in customs and need more money before it can be delivered, or “express” EMS delivery isn’t available. This results in you paying a higher price than expected without getting your items.
  • quality disputes – if the quality of your items is less than satisfactory. Alibaba’s dispute system can be difficult to navigate, so it’s important that you know how to raise a quality issue as quickly as possible
  • copyright theft – if someone copies the design of an item without permission or authorization. Watch out for brand products in a very low price. There is a big chance they are fake, and will be of very poor quality.
  • trade violations – if something is against Alibaba’s policy. This includes items that are prohibited for sale, or not following a specific country’s law
  • fraud – when someone deceives you by pretending to be another business partner in order to trick you into sending money overseas with the promise of receiving goods and services they claim to be selling. Watch out for new sellers with a low feedback score.
  • illegal Alibaba scams – when you are asked for personal information like passport or credit card numbers, which can result in identity theft

It’s important that buyers know what they’re getting into before making an order on Alibaba.

The best way to avoid Alibaba scams is by doing your research before committing to any one supplier. Take your time, be careful with the suppliers who are willing enough not only to give you amazing deals but also answer all of your questions and address any concerns that come up during the process.

How to find the perfect supplier

super supplier

The process of finding the perfect supplier on Alibaba can be daunting. The key is to not rush it and Before committing to any supplier, make sure to do your research. Even if a supplier seems like the perfect fit for you, there might be better suppliers out there worth investigating.

There are a few points that I think are important when sourcing wholesale products from China:

  • Search Optimization – When I was first getting started on Alibaba, I would simply search for the product that I wanted to buy and hope for a good result. This is not effective! The best way to find suppliers is by searching with the keywords you are looking for, like “men’s dress shoes” or “women’s coats”. Alibaba has a site optimization tool that you can use to find suppliers, so make sure to take advantage of it!
  • Supplier Classification – Alibaba has created classifications for different types of companies. To properly choose the best supplier for your needs, start by identifying which classification they belong in and then search within that group. The most common categories are, for example, is great because you can narrow your search down based on a variety of different factors.
  • Compare Prices – When looking at suppliers, make sure to compare prices and quality before making an order. You will be able to find the best deals in terms of price when importing from China by using something called “negotiating” with the supplier.
  • Shipping – It’s important to know what shipping method the seller offers, and also what their quality standards are for each type of item they sell. They may offer different rates depending on the country you’re from, so make sure to ask about that as well! Different countries have different import policies too, which means it is possible that you’ll need to get a customs broker.
  • Feedback – Before making an order, read the feedback that has been left for the seller by other buyers. You can find these reviews on Alibaba’s website or if they are selling through their own site, search for them there too!
  • Payment Terms – When selecting how to pay your supplier, consider the term of payment that they offer. You might need to pay upfront, or you may be able to start by paying a deposit and making monthly payments over time as your product is being shipped out.
  • Quality – If this is your first time importing from China, don’t worry! Check with their supplier for samples so you can make sure that the quality is up to your standards.
  • Stocks – You will need to decide on how many items you want in stock, and if you are ordering a variety of different products or just one type of product. There’s nothing wrong with having an emergency storeroom full of 12 different colors of t-shirts!
  • Market Research – The best way to find the perfect supplier is by doing your research and taking time. Make sure you ask all of the right questions and don’t rush into anything!

Final thoughts

It is important to do your research and buy from a supplier who can provide you with the best deals, but more importantly it’s crucial that you take your time. If they seem too good to be true or don’t answer all of your questions, then there might be something wrong. Take the extra step in doing some background checks on them before committing yourself fully. In addition to asking about their business practices, make sure that you ask whether they offer any additional services like free shipping or freight insurance because these could turn out costing much less than what you would have originally paid for if anything were to happen during transit! One last thing – before finalizing your purchase make sure what is the Safest Way to Pay on Alibaba.

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