Cheapest way to send money internationally in 2021

Cheapest way to send money internationally in 2021


  • 13x cheaper than leading Spanish banks

  • 8x cheaper than leading UK banks

  • 5x cheaper than banks in Singapore

  • 5x cheaper than leading French banks

  • 5x cheaper than leading German banks

  • 5x cheaper than leading Swiss banks

If you are looking for the cheapest way to send money internationally, Wise could be the perfect solution for you. Formerly known as TransferWise, they have changed the name but not their philosophy and commitment to affordable financial services for all. The new name simply reflects the extensive array of services made possible for customers in the United States and around the world. Wise makes it simpler to transfer and manage your money more effectively in the financial arena.


The Right Solution for the Way You Bank Today

Wise - the Cheapest way to send money internationally

The name change does not affect the way in which you access Wise services. Whether you have a personal Wise debit card or a Wise business account, you will still enjoy the same easy login options and the same transparency for all your financial transactions. Your new account will offer all of the same security features and services as your previous account with TransferWise, which can help you to feel more confident about your funds and your international transfer arrangements. Wise continues to deliver the least expensive options for sending money internationally and in a safe manner.

Is Wise Safe?

Wise safety

Customers can rest assured that nothing has changed about the way Wise will handle your money. Despite the name change from TransferWise, they are still the same company with the same dedication and commitment to providing you with the best and most secure financial services. Each of the financial products and services Wise offers for clients delivers added convenience while protecting your personal information and your financial assets in the most practical ways possible. They focus on the security of your financial transactions so that we can say an unequivocal yes to customers who want to know, “Is Wise safe?”

The Wise Debit Card

Wise Mastercard

The Wise Mastercard® debit card is an innovative service offered by Wise for business and individual clients. The multi-currency debit card allows you to access the funds you need and to spend them easily without struggling to figure out an exchange rate. Wise does the heavy lifting to allow you to streamline your purchases and your investments more easily with their debit card.

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A Bank Account Like No Other

Whether you are more likely to receive funds from international sources or to send them to vendors and other individuals or companies, Wise has the perfect solution for your needs. They offer services to countries around the globe to ensure the best and most affordable banking options for all.

Wise US accounts offer some important features that can make it much easier to do business and conduct financial transactions globally:

  • Wise makes it easy to receive payments easily with account and routing numbers that allow you to accept nine separate currencies.
  • You can also convert and hold 56 different currencies in your Wise US account. This can make it easy to transfer funds or to make payments to vendors in the currency they can most readily accept.
  • Wise debit card can eliminate the hidden fees and costs of spending money overseas. This can allow you to make payments with greater confidence when managing your international financial arrangements.
  • Because Wise allows you to access the real exchange rate, you can significantly lower the cost of transferring money internationally. Wise US accounts offer the cheapest and most reliable way of transferring money in the global financial marketplace.

Wise UK accounts offer similar benefits for our customers in this part of the world. Some of the most important features of your Wise UK account include the following:

  • Just as with U.S. accounts, UK accounts with Wise allow access to the real exchange rate.
  • Rates for international funds transfers are about eight times cheaper than those offered by the leading UK high street banks, which can save you significant amounts of money on these financial transactions.
  • Holders of a UK account with Wise can receive payments easily and conveniently in 10 currencies and can convert and hold 56 different currencies in their account.

The range of money transfer options can help you to make payments and to receive payments in the most convenient way possible from just about anywhere in the world. Wise makes it easy to shop online at stores located around the world without the expense of currency exchange fees and the stress of complex authentication processes required by some other financial institution.

How Wise Money Transfer System Works

Wise offers the most practical options for customers in transferring money cheaply and securely. This company was built to take on the big banking firms that charge exorbitant fees for international money transfers. Wise system makes it simple to move money like a professional while paying the lowest rates possible for this service.

Cheapest way to send money internationally – How to get started?

  • The first step is to create your free account with Wise. You can also check our rates for yourself by using the Wise online calculator to figure out what you will pay for your international funds transfer. If verification of your account is required, this will only take one to three days to complete.
  • Wise makes it easy to set up your local or international bank transfer. Your recipient is not required to have a Wise account. Just fill out the amount of your bank transfer along with the name and bank details of your recipient.
  • The final step in this process is providing Wise with the method by which you wish to pay for your transfer. Customers outside the United States and Canada are not required to link their Wise account to their bank accounts. The Wise team will take it from there to make sure your funds are transferred to the account of your choice and to provide you with the fastest and most efficient financial services in the industry.

Their commitment to low costs and financial transparency make it easy for you to manage your international funds transfers in the most affordable ways possible. Wise is committed to the highest standards of security and affordability in the financial transaction marketplace.

Transparency Is the Key to Success

As just about any Wise review will note, their transfers do not have any hidden fees and offer absolute transparency about the amount you will pay and the information collected from you. Wise sends more than $6 billion each month on behalf of more than 10 million customers. With 14 offices located all around the world, Wise makes it easy to send and receive money with confidence. Wise charges no subscription fees and provides you with accurate figures on the precise costs of your transfer every time you send money with us.

Benefits for Individuals and Families Living Abroad

The multi-currency features offered by Wise offer some real advantages for expatriates and those living and working abroad temporarily or permanently. Some of the most important benefits of your account with Wise include the following:

  • Easy and convenient transfers to more than 70 countries worldwide make it simple to send money to family back home, to pay bills or to save money in the account of your choice.
  • The ability to be paid in local currencies can streamline the process of purchasing necessities and managing costs while you are living and working in another country.
  • The debit card makes it easy to pay for purchases in the currency of the country in which you are currently living. Wise can streamline your purchasing process while enhancing your buying power no matter where you happen to be.
  • Open a Wise business account remotely – it doesn’t matter where you or your business is located, you can open a company account online without visiting a brick mortar office.

If you live or work abroad, Wise has the right solutions for managing your finances effectively and without the need for constant visits to the currency exchange office. Your Wise account is your passport to real financial freedom when spending or receiving funds quickly and in a secure manner.

Your Wise Business Account

Wise is an authorized financial services provider that can provide your business with the features and capabilities you need at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking services. Our business accounts include the following services and features:

  • Wise will supply you with an IBAN, routing number and sort code along with all the other documentation you need to pursue your business interests on a global level.
  • Wise company account makes it easy to pay multiple employees at once through our batch payment services. Pay up to 1,000 staff members with one click and one spreadsheet upload. It is that simple.
  • If you need to accept payments in multiple currencies, Wise business account is right for you. They partner with leading financial institutions and accept payments through Stripe and other online seller platforms to ensure that your customers can pay in the currency they choose and through most major methods.
  • Wise works with you to ensure the fastest and most affordable invoice payments for companies in more than 70 countries around the world. Invoice payments are about 19 times cheaper than PayPal. About half of these payments occur instantly or within an hour of initiation.
  • Wise allows you to manage your money more effectively with transfer tools and transaction records that can help you track spending, revenues and many other financial activities on behalf of your company.

Wise will work with you and your business to make sure that all elements of your financial transactions are handled securely and in a way that makes sense for the way you operate at home and in the global marketplace.


Wrapping Up All the Benefits of Wise

No Wise review would be complete without discussing their commitment to customer service. Wise offers friendly and practical support you need to manage all of your international funds transfers effectively. Whether you have a Wise business account or are simply looking for a one-time funds transfer to a foreign country, Wise team is here to help you now and in the future.

To learn more about Wise and their low-cost funds transfer services, visit them online to set up your free account. Take your financial transactions to the next level.

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