Cybermonkeydeals: a disappearing Amazon Automation Service 2021 update

Cybermonkeydeals: a disappearing Amazon Automation Service 2021 update

What has CyberMonkeyDeals been up to lately? CyberMonkeyDeals was an amazon automation service that provided tools for people to automate their amazon accounts. They were one of the first companies in this space and it seems like they had a lot of success early on, but now their website is not working anymore. We found some information about Cybermonkeydeals using the Wayback machine’s archive from 2015 – 2019.

cb screenshot
Screenshot taken from the Wayback Machine Cyber Monkey websitein 2016

Cybermonkeydeals features

Thousands of products were scanned and analyzed against Amazon to determine which ones would be profitable. Exact FBA fees are calculated for items that Cyber Monkey Deals deems profitable prior to including them on their site.

Cyber Monkey Deals The Only Fully Automated Online Sourcing Solution For Amazon Sellers

“The online arbitrage job is done for you. Cyber Monkey Deals is continuously scanning products to find the profitable products for you. Quickly and efficiently research products on Amazon, Ebay, Google, CamelCamelCamel, and Keepa with one click.”

Basically CyberMonkeydeals scanned other websites for products that you could potentiality re-sell on amazon with a profit. This is called arbitrage. Their pricing seemed fair, starting from $22 for 10 product leads everyday. Their most expensive plan was $50 for 10 Products per day and a ROI of 50%.

Cybermonkeydeals plans

Whats is Arbitrage

Arbitrage is an investment strategy to take advantage of the price difference between what you are selling and what price you bought it for. For example, if you bought a cup of coffee for $2 and sold it for $3. You bought the cup of coffee for 2 dollars and sold it for 3 dollars, meaning that you made a profit of 1 dollar.

Is retail arbitrage allowed on Amazon

Fortunately it is. At this stage there are no rules or polices that prohibit this.

Did you know

Did you know you can start a successful Amazon FBA business for as little as £500 used to purchase your first batch of products. Read more: How to Start an Amazon FBA Business 6 Step Easy to Follow Guide

How did CyberMonkeyDeals work

The cyber monkey team claimed to have a lot of experience in the e-commerce space and to have been able to help companies automate their Amazon accounts since 2015. They offered a suite of products that would allow you to manage your inventory, pricing, inventory optimization and more.

Cybermonkeydeals was an Amazon automation service that provided tools for people to automate their Amazon accounts by leveraging the amazon api. Cybermonkeydeals was one of the first companies in this space and they had a lot of success early on but now their website is not working anymore. We found some information about cybermonkeydeals using wayback machine’s archive from 2015 – 2019

Why did Cybermonkeydeals shut down?

This we don’t know for sure. Maybe it’s just a flawed business model?

The most successful type of business is one that offers a service or product that provides more value than what you are paying for. This is an absolute universal law that governs business around the globe. If there is one thing you can’t sell, it’s giving your hard-earned money away to someone else for nothing in return.

From providing various services to battery chargers, paint brushes, and power adapters; all the way down to air conditioner installation service or grabbing a meal from McDonald’s. Businesses that fail to provide an acceptable service or product for the price they are charging suffer a slow death.

What is Amazon Automation

Amazon automation is the process of using software to automate tasks online. There are a lot of different amazon automation tools available.As well as there are many entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of the dominance that Amazon has in the ecommerce industry by providing services and products that can help them with amazon account management. A simple google search will show you hundreds of results.

Amazon automation google search

How do you get started with Amazon Automation:

  • pay a hefty upfront fee anything from $20 000 to $50 000
  • pay monthly up keeping fees
  • share your profits with the automation service provider

Sounds like a great deal? We don’t think so!!

What you get for all that money?

  • The Amazon Automation Service provider will build you a business on Amazon by finding, purchasing and listing products to your FBA account
  • To purchase these products they will use your credit card of course (you will need to authorize them to do so)
  • You will not get any guarantee on the profits your automated FBA business will make (the only sure thing are the huge upfront costs and monthly service charge).

What do we think about Amazon Automation

We never used those kind of services and never will. In our opinion stay away. There are better ways to spend your hard earned money.

We think that it’s more important to work on the business and make it grow. We believe in the KISS principle and focus on quality instead of quantity. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but rather an attempt at changing your life for the better through hard work and proper planning.

No, one will spend as much time and take care of your business as good as you would. Amazon is a great side hustle or full time business, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can learn how to get started with Amazon completely for free. There are tons of resources available on the internet. You can potentially start an Amazon FBA business with budget as low as £500. Read our 6 step guide on How to Start an Amazon FBA Business.

Don’t want to start your FBA business from zero read our guide on how to buy an established Amazon business.

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