Digital Marketing Questionnaire: The Definitive Guide 2021

Digital Marketing Questionnaire: The Definitive Guide 2021

Digital marketing refers to the process of using digital channels, such as social media and websites, for advertising or digital branding. A digital marketing questionnaire can help you identify where your company stands in terms of digital competency. Use this guide to learn more about how it can help grow your business!

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What is digital marketing

digital marketing

It is the use of digital tools to deliver your message to your customers. It can be seen in digital ads, digital branding, and channels such as social media and websites. A digital marketing questionnaire can help you understand what competency your business needs so it can operate more successfully in the digital world.

Digital marketing vs Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to a digital advertising and digital branding form. The content is either created or operated on channels such as social media, websites, digital ads, etc. Online marketing techniques have been around for a long time now. In today’s era, online marketing has become part of our everyday lives.

Marketing channels

A marketing channel is a medium that is used to reach out to customers. Marketing channels are ways of using technology to communicate with your target market and acquire new clients.

The digital era saw the rise of online channels, which gave companies new ways to connect with their clients. It also gave companies a new set of new tools to reach out to their customers via different digital channels that didn’t exist back then.

Digital marketing channels

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Email marketing

The rise of these platforms has given companies new ways to reach out to their clients, answer their questions and develop a closer relationship between the business and customer.

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Social Media

Social Media marketing is one of the easiest media that companies can utilize. An active social media presence leads to improved SEO. There are six major social media platforms from which you can choose from.

social media signage

Major social media platforms from which you can choose from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

All of these digital platforms allow for content and business promotion as well as digital branding. These digital platforms also provide advertising options.



Facebook is the biggest digital social media platform that allows brands to target their ideal customer and new client. Facebook has its own advertising interface, which is known as Ad Manager. Brands can use this tool to increase sales and create different digital ads and promote them on the site within a set budget.



Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms out there with over 300 million active users. This social media platform allows brands to share short messages, ads and answer common objections. Brands can also promote their content through Twitter by engaging with followers and influencers on the site. It is a a great platform to publish snapshots of recent blog posts with links to landing pages. Brands who use Twitter effectively report seeing significant boosts in revenue, leads, website traffic, sales and brand awareness.



LinkedIn is a social media website where professionals go to network with other people in their field, find-workers, and even find job opportunities. Brands who use LinkedIn effectively can gain influence in their industry by creating thought-leadership content for the site.



This is a social media website where brands can create pin boards to show images of products or digital branding they want customers to see.


This digital social media site allows companies to post videos of themselves talking about their product, how it works, provided service etc.,


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media website that allows brands and business owners to post photos, videos, stories or other digital content from their company or campaigns. This website gives companies the opportunity to show what they do, give customer service, provide answers, reach out to a new digital marketing client, etc.,

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a long-lost sibling. It’s not as popular, but it’s still relevant. It can be used for branding purposes. It is also considered to be digital media that should be utilized, especially when looking at channels and tools that will help reach new clients more easily and effectively. New content in the form of website blog posts on a regular basis benefits SEO (Search Engines Optimization), helps reach new clients and provides additional information about your products and services as well as answers any questions and queries. It gives your business more chance of success and should be an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

Digital Ads

Digital ads refer to content that is used to promote products such as goods and services using online channels. Some digital ads are designed to promote and increase sales of products, while others are designed for branding purposes. Digital ads work best and have a high success rate when they’re executed on websites like Facebook and YouTube or through other social media sites like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Pay Per Click – PPC campaigns are ads that are run online in order to promote goods and services. There are many different PPC campaigns with which you can choose from.

The most popular PPC campaign is the Google AdWords campaign. The Google AdWords campaign is a great way to get your product, website or service in front of potential customers.

google adwords

The Google AdWords campaign has become increasingly popular. Most people use it, because it’s one of the most affordable ad campaign that exists. The cost per click for this particular PPC campaign is relatively low, making it a great option for small businesses without much money to spend.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not as popular, but it’s still relevant. Email marketing can be used for branding purposes on a relatively small budget. It is also considered to be a digital channel that marketers should utilize as well, especially when they’re looking at tools that will help them reach their clients more easily and effectively.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy can be defined as the general plan for the business. It includes the digital channels, content, KPIs, measurement, conversion process or funnel, lead nurturing process or pipeline, sales funnel, digital advertising budgeting for both sales and promotions etc. The digital strategy may also include information about how to manage clients relationships and create a unique selling proposition.

It is important that marketing teams should be well-defined and organized for the digital strategy to work. They must know how each team member can contribute towards developing a profitable strategy, which will eventually lead toward business results and stay ahead of your main competitors.

It is important to track your activities, metrics and the monthly budget to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. The digital marketing questionnaire can help in this case, as it has many questions related to the strategies and how they are executed by different teams at your company. You can also hire a digital marketing agency for getting comprehensive results from the analysis of your digital strategy.

Your Target audience

Target audience is defined as everybody who you want to reach with your marketing campaign.

You must know who exactly you are targeting with your campaigns, what platforms these people use and how much time do they spend on different channels. This will help in increasing traffic to the business website or social media pages by identifying which kind of ads will be most effective for your campaign.

It’s always better to know all about your customer beforehand rather than going with trial and error method because this can be very costly.

Firstly we need to define our target audience. We need to know our target audience as digital marketing questionnaire will be different for a fresh startup and an established business.

– Startups: a client questionnaire is to understand the customer needs, wants and behaviors.

– Established businesses: digital marketing questionnaire helps in finding out where current customers are coming from now, how they found your brand, helps in finding out what channels are working and which ones aren’t.

Digital marketing questionnaire

A digital marketing questionnaire helps companies understand what marketing competency they need so they can operate more successfully in the digital world. It prompts a business to think about how it needs to keep up with the digital era and draws its attention to areas of content development. The main goal of this questionnaire is for businesses to take note of its current

Digital Marketing Questionnaire – define your target audience

Digital Marketing Questionnaire - person writing on white paper

You can create digital marketing questionnaire to get information about your target audience profile and demographics, where do they spend their time on the internet, what kind of ad content would be best for these people etc. This will save you a lot of money that could’ve been spent with trial-and error method. A digital marketing questionnaire (DMQ) helps you understand the competency of your business so you can operate more successfully in the digital world. This digital marketing questionnaire will help you know where your company stands and what it needs to grow its presence further, giving you a better idea of how branding works for your business.

To be successful in today’s era, you need to understand how online channels will help you reach your target customers more quickly and efficiently. The best way for your business to do this is by creating a questionnaire that assesses the progress of your company in terms of digital competency. This questionnaire will also assess the things that your team should focus on in order to help your business grow.

There are some companies that provide questionnaires for free. This allows you to choose from survey templates and create your own marketing surveys according to the campaign requirements.

Digital marketing survey

black and white printed textile

There are various digital marketing surveys that can be found online. The digital marketing survey is used for gathering information about the your marketing campaigns. It is used to measure marketing effectiveness and most of the marketers use this digital marketing questionnaire during the campaign. It caters to all type of digital marketer whether they are in-house or external.

Why should we use surveys

Surveys have some features which make them efficient and perfect for gathering information about campaigns. Some of them are listed below:

– it provides the best, quality feedback on the digital marketing campaign,

– it can be used by both employees and employers,

– it helps in understanding customers experience and expectations as well as brand awareness

– it is cost effective, and it can be done in the client’s time

– validation purposes – make sure your business is going in the right direction

Biggest Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is that companies are not able to find marketing staffs and reach decision makers. Online marketers are needed by companies for the promotion of products and campaign planning. The demand for social media marketing professionals has increased over the years but the availability have not increased at the same rate. The other big challenge is staying relevant due to the fast-paced environment. This is why businesses need to up their game with marketing tools to stay ahead of competitors.

The reach of a company’s content and success is dependent upon the use of tools and digital channels. Knowing your target market is one of the strategies that should be implemented in order to succeed.

Digital marketing questions you need to know before launching your first campaign

1) What kind of digital service do you offer?

2) What type of clients do you cater to?

3) Who is your target demographic?

4) How can social media serve as a promotional tool for your company?

5) What keywords would suite your campaign the best

Final thoughts

In digital era, it is important to understand the competency of your company in order to grow its presence. A digital marketing questionnaire consists of a series of questions that will assess the progress. These surveys can be found online for free or you can choose from survey templates and create your own digital marketing surveys according to campaign requirements. Digital marketers use this questionnaire during campaigns which caters to all type- either they are internal or external digital marketers. Social media tools should be implemented when launching a new campaign because it helps with promotional purposes as well as understanding customers expectations and brand awareness.

A digital marketing questionnaire is a guide that provides your team with tools they can utilize to calculate what your potential consumer’s needs. The digital marketing questionnaire will also address the digital marketing strategy you want to use for your company, whether you want to focus on conversion or long-term retention. The digital marketing questionnaire will allow you to define who your target audience is by providing different questions that are based on demographics and geography.

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