How to Change Username on Fiverr: The Easy Way in 2 simple steps

How to Change Username on Fiverr: The Easy Way in 2 simple steps

How to change username on Fiverr username is a common question that many people ask. It’s an easy process, but not always the easiest to find how to do it. In this guide we’ll show you how to change your username on Fiverr without much hassle!

How to Change Username on Fiverr

You can change your Fiverr username in TWO simple steps. Currently this is the ONLY way to have a new username on Fiverr. This is done by creating a new account, so make sure you have a new email address you can use. Read our guide not make any mistakes and not to loose any important information. Find out all the disadvantages and potential advantages of a new Fiverr username.


Total Time Needed :



Required Tools:

– Computer

Things Needed?

– Internet Connection, new email address and your Fiverr account login details


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Step 1 Delete/Deactivate your current Fiverr account

– Click on your profile photo (right corner on the computer screen)
– Click on Dashboard and then settings
– Lastly select the reason for you account deactivation “I want to change my username” or “I have another Fiverr Account”

Join fiverr

Step 2 Create a new Fiverr account with a new User Name

– Go to and Select JOIN in the top right corner
– Enter your new email address and select CONTINUE
– Enter your NEW FIVERR USERNAME and password

How to delete your Fiverr account

Click on your profile photo (right corner on the computer screen)

How to Change Username on Fiverr

Click on Dashboard and then Settings

How to Change Username on Fiverr Account Setting

Lastly select the reason for you account deactivation “I want to change my username” or “I have another Fiverr Account”

Reason for Username change on Fiverr

Disadvantages of changing your Fiverr username:

  • you will need to find new clients
  • you will loose all your reviews
  • all your gigs will be deleted together with your account
  • you will not have access to sold and purchased gigs history and records
  • it can be confusing for people who have already interacted with your old username (Fiverr’s policy is that once a user has an account, they cannot create another)
  • it can take up to a week for your old profile and reviews to be removed from Fiverr.

Some tips to consider when changing your Fiverr username:

  • how many reviews you have (if you’ve already gained some traction in the marketplace, it may not be worth changing your username)
  • how many returning customers you have
  • how much work goes into creating new Fiverr gigs
  • if you are a seller of fiverr make copies of the gig from your old account to paste in to the new account – it will save a huge amount of time if you would need to re-create them from scratch
  • if you are a seller and wish to keep a record of previously purchased gigs do it before deleting you account. All precious purchase history will be permanently removed with your old account.

Change Fiverr Username Advantages:

  • Need to start fresh? New year, new Fiverr name, new you
  • If your account is being impersonated by a spammer then you should change your Fiverr username and leave them with nothing
  • Change Fiverr username to change how you present yourself online.
  • You can also take the opportunity to change how you present yourself on other social media platforms and websites.
  • Changing your Fiverr username is like starting fresh so it’s a good idea to use this option if all of your work is less than impressive or has been published under a different name in the past.
  • Changing your Fiverr username will allow you get a fresh start under a new, more appropriate name.
  • The best thing about deleting an account is that it’s no longer associated with any of your personal information so if someone ever gets access to your username, they won’t be able to access your personal information.

For example, I once had a user name that I thought was clever but it turned out to be difficult to find or remember.As soon as I changed my name on Fiverr, it was much easier for people to find and engage with me in the future because of how simple it is for them now that there’s only one username associated with all of my work.

Once you’ve deleted the old account, it’s time to create a new account!

To do this go back to Fiverr and click “JOIN” in the upper right hand corner of their page. When creating an account make sure that you follow these steps:

Create an email address that is not affiliated with your current email address

New email address

Please note that you need to change the email address associated to the new username. You can not use you old email address.

Enter your new username and password

Join Fiverr
To make up a username, you can use whatever you want as long as it’s not already taken or in violation of Fiverr’s policies (no offensive names).

Once you’re done creating the new account there are still two more steps! The first step is is verifying your email address, this can be done by clicking on the “verify” link under the Fiverr username you just created! the second is entering all your personal information.

That’s all there is to it! Currently this is the only way to change Fiverr username.

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