Should you use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for Amazon FBA?

Should you use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for Amazon FBA?

Hey guys today I’ll be discussing the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. One of the most frequently asked questions that I’m asked is if it’s worth it? I had the same question when I was starting Amazon FBA, so hopefully I can provide you with some insight and help you come to a reasonable decision.

Just getting started with Amazon FBA? Head here first: How to Start an Amazon FBA Business 6 Step Guide

If you would rather watch and listen to the points covered in this blog post, I’ve made a short video for you here!

What is it?

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an add on to the Google Chrome Browser that collects loads of metrics from Amazon pages when you click to open it on a page. This means you can save time by not manually collating this data like we were doing before.

However, the main selling point is how the extension provides data on the number of monthly sales and revenues, which allows you to assess a product or market very quickly.

Where can I get it?

Jungle Scout’s Website

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 22.35.20.png

Why is it helpful?

Before tools like this, us sellers had to comb through Amazon search results and compile all relevant data that we were interested in and input it to spreadsheets.

The data could then be analysed in order to gain insight to a particular market or product, and used to consider potential opportunities. The Chrome extension does all this donkey work for you at the drop of a hat which is helpful beyond measure.

How does it work?

It provides these particular numbers by means of an estimate based on the Best Sellers Rank or BSR that Amazon gives to every product in its database.

While no one knows exactly how Amazon’s A9 algorithm calculates the BSR, Jungle Scout have devised an accurate way of estimating it (I was on the fence about believing an estimate before I tested it on my own products – where it was clear that the estimates were in fact very good).

When is the best time to use it?

To be honest the best time to start using the Chrome extension is as soon as you begin product research.

I have launched products before such tools were available and can see no logical reason for not using it from the get go.

It would be like trying to drive somewhere you’ve never been before but refusing to use the available satnav which while still not impossible, would make the process many times easier and more efficient.

I’ve learnt that it pays to work efficiently in ecommerce and this situation is no different, you need to be smashing through Amazon search results to filter as much data as possible to find the most (and best) opportunities available.

Technically, it is best used on search results pages like this…


However, it can also be used on a product page to get the data for that particular product and any other products listed on that page like ‘suggested’ or ‘bought together’ sections for example.

Conclusively, you’ll find most utility and benefit from the tool when used on a search results page like in the above image, as this gives you an overview of the searched niche in a matter of seconds.

Pro vs. Lite Versions

The Chrome extension comes in two variations, Pro and Lite. I actually only use the Lite version as I feel it provides all the data that I need given my fairly well experienced eye.

The Pro version provides extra data on an estimate of the product listing quality, giving a score from 1-10, an opportunity score for the niche from 1-10, product weight and dimensions, an FBA fee estimator and a profit calculator.

If you like all your information in one place the Pro version could be better for you, but I prefer to use the FBA Fee Calculator by AMZ Scout, which provides me with similar extra information for free!

So if you’re on a tight budget, my suggestion would be to get the Lite version and use AMZ Scout alongside (particularly for FBA fees calculation). I’ll provide links to all of these in the description.


The Chrome extension can be purchased for $97 (£73) for the Lite version or $197 (£149) for the Pro version.

They don’t offer a free trial unfortunately, but they do offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy which is handy. You can always start Lite and if you feel the need to upgrade, just pay the difference for the Pro version – work smart!

Free Alternatives

You can use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator for free on their website, shown below.

This uses their same algorithm to provide an estimated sales figure for a given BSR – which can be found on an individual product page. Clearly this is helpful to assess how well a product is selling, but you don’t get all the useful accompanying data like with the paid tool.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 21.37.42

Additionally, software like Unicorn Smasher is free and does a similar job however, it is less accurate.

I used Unicorn Smasher before I felt like shelling out the money for Jungle Scout. It can be of use for a very rough estimate but I would be tentative about launching a new product based on its numbers! So be careful!

Parting Thoughts

To summarise, from my experience I can recommend without reservation, that the Chrome extension is money well spent. My product research improved dramatically in both speed and effectiveness when I started using it.

Just getting started with Amazon FBA? Head here first: How to Start an Amazon FBA Business 6 Step Guide

My advice would be if you want to get started ASAP and you don’t mind spending a bit more cash for the best all in one solution, then the Pro version of the Chrome extension is your best choice.

If you want to get accurate sales and revenue estimations but want to save a bit of cash, use a combination of the Lite version and AMZ Scout.

If you’re really, really budgeting you can get accurate sales estimates one by one using the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator, or use a free alternative product like Unicorn Smasher (but be warned of its reliability).

Mentioned Tools

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

AMZ Scout Calculator

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Unicorn Smasher

I hope this helps, take care.

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Should you use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for Amazon FBA? 1

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