Nine University 2.0 and Boost Nine Review | Scam or Legit?

Nine University 2.0 and Boost Nine Review | Scam or Legit?

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I spent $1997 of my own money to review the Nine University 2.0 Amazon FBA course and their Boost Nine software for product research. For those who don’t enjoy reading, the bottom line is:

The products are not a scam, but they are wildly overpriced and there are better alternatives. 

I’ll cover my experience with the Boost Nine software first. This can be bought by itself without the course. Secondly, I will discuss the course, it’s controversies and why I would not recommend you enroll

Finally, I’ll recommend what you should be using instead of these products.

What is Boost Nine?

Boost Nine is a browser extension that aids in product research. It’s a spin off product, based on the time-honoured leaders in the field Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

However, unlike those two, it doesn’t interrogate the Amazon search results page and present the product data in a list. Instead, you are given a ‘7/7 score’ when you type in a keyword to the search bar – this is the overview tab:

Overview Tab

img 5fc7795ade4e5

The 7/7 score is shown by the two green circles in the middle. They demonstrate the demand and competition of the product that relate to the keyword you’ve entered.

Nine University suggest that a keyword that shows 7 of the top 10 products with revenues over $5000 and reviews under 75 is worth investigating.

These may be reasonable metrics however, I would prefer to not have my product research funneled like this – you may miss good opportunities.

Products tab

If you want to further explore the niche, you can click on the products tab. This shows you pictures and more data on each product.

img 5fc7795b5f126

The products are displayed in a tiled fashion. This makes the data hard to compile and compare – a list (like Helium 10’s Xray) that can be manipulated is much more effective. The urge to sort by revenue eats me alive.

Clicking on a product brings it up in more detail with a few data fields which you can adjust.

You can change: Target ROI, Cost per unit, Selling price and your budget. This will generate a total profit per unit figure and amount of units you can buy under your budget. 

img 5fc7795c03a06

This feature is handy for ballpark estimates if you don’t have a spreadsheet that does these calculations for you in greater detail.

From here, there are options to view the product on Amazon or Alibaba, which might save you a couple of seconds opening a new tab and typing it in.

So while I’m not mad about the interface and prefer the big players, there are one or two handy functions. 

But how accurate are it’s revenue estimates?

How accurate is Boost Nine?

Similarly to its competitors, Boost Nine estimates the number of sales and thus revenue using an interpretation of the product’s best sellers rank (BSR). No software estimates with 100% accuracy, but they can come within 10%. 

To find out its true accuracy, I tested Boost Nine sales estimations against one of my own product’s actual sales. I then compared the accuracy to both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 for a comparison.

Jungle Scout vs Boost Nine

First, the heavy-weight champion, Jungle Scout. I always use their Chrome extension as I believe it to offer the best sales estimations of any Amazon FBA software.

Actual sales for one of my products in the last 30 days: 386 units.

Boost Nine29877%LOSER
Jungle Scout35592%WINNER

Conclusion: Boost Nine underestimated sales by 23%, making it 15% less accurate than Jungle Scout. I actually thought it would be worse than this. However, it’s still pretty terrible and potentially dangerous to start basing decisions around.

Helium 10 vs Boost Nine

Now my personal current favourite, the very best all in one Amazon FBA software solution, Helium 10. 

Boost Nine29877%LOSER
Helium 1034890%WINNER

Conclusion: Boost Nine underestimated sales by 23%, making it 13% less accurate than Helium 10

Final verdict 

Boost Nine is expensive with a price of $297. For this, I expected more than the big players, not less. 

I am disappointed with the software. I find it inaccurate in its sales estimations and don’t like how it funnels your research. The user interface looks good initially but it lacks depth and functionality. 


  • Looks flashy.


  • Expensive
  • Lacks features that competitors offer
  • Data estimations inaccurate
  • Profit calculator is basic 
  • No list view for product comparisons
  • No star ratings for niches/products
  • No CSV export
  • Their website features stock videos of Ferraris (to entice you?)

I heavily advise you to steer clear of this one. 

Instead, I would point you towards Helium 10. After many years of working with Amazon FBA, I am yet to find anything that rivals it.

For more information on Helium 10, I put it to the test against Jungle Scout and other competitors here.

For those already decided – the cheapest way of using Helium 10 is to click on the coupon below, sign up for a free account and use ‘DOM50’ at the check out for 50% off your first payment.

This should cost $194 for two months usage – however, this method will get you the same for just $47.5 – I don’t know of a cheaper way.

What is Nine University 2.0?

Nine University is an Amazon FBA course made by Taylor and Kale of the KTNine YouTube channel.

They offer reasonable content on their channel and after rustling up a respectable following, they decided to launch a course, much like the many FBA ‘experts’ do. 

The course is a 7-week program, designed to get new sellers from green to profit machine. It does this through teaching in lots of videos. You also get Q&A sessions twice a week. 

Their course tagline is:

How To Start A Wildly Profitable 6-Figure Amazon FBA Business & Get It Profitable in 49 Days.

Is it true, or all a load of hot air?

What’s included in the course?

img 5fc7795c89abc

The full course Nine University 2.0 includes 257 videos which make up the backbone of the ‘teaching’. However, the whole package consists of:

  • Videos
  • Their Facebook community
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Coaching and mentorship program
  • Training Vault (more videos)
  • Boost Nine software

How much does Nine University 2.0 cost?

Nine University 2.0 costs $1,997 to purchase.

This is a lot of money, but not uncommon for Amazon FBA courses. Amazingly, they consider this incredible value. Perhaps this is because they value their:

  • Facebook group membership at $1,998
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions at $2,381
  • Coaching and mentorship at $3,998
  • Training Vault at $2,998
  • Boost Nine software at $297

This equals $11,672!! Whether or not you consider these worth that amount is up to you. I certainly do not. 

I don’t even consider them worth the discounted horror price of $1,997.

Content Schedule

img 5fc7795d3f715

What you’re really paying for with a course is structured learning and skin in the game.

Thankfully, there is some structure here, the videos are nicely grouped and digestible in length.

The course claims to have you profitable in 7-weeks. However, I have my reservations with that claim.

For reference, it regularly takes 6+ weeks for my suppliers to manufacture and ship my products alone. This got me slightly suspicious.

The weeks break down as shown:

  • Week One – The Foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA
  • Week Two – 7 Figure Product / Brand Research
  • Week Three – Crafting the Perfect Product with an Elite Supplier
  • Week Four – Shipping to Amazon Without Hassle
  • Week Five – Creating a Listing that Sells on Autopilot
  • Week Six – Going from “A” Product to “THE” Product
  • Week Seven – Elite PPC Launching + Robotic Growth

Best bits

The best part of the entire package has to be the Facebook group.

There is so much value to be gained from talking with others. People in a similar situation to you will have similar questions. Those with more experience can help you, and you can help those newer than yourself.

However, I would advise you to join the Reddit community r/FulfillmentByAmazon instead for free. There are 58 thousand sellers in this community!! Many of which are generating multiple millions in revenue per year – and they will offer advice for nothing.

You should not pay $1,997 for the privilege of speaking to other sellers.

But are the course videos good?

The videos are fine, they cover most points. 

The best part is actually the energy and likeability of the guys. But this doesn’t make the cost of the course worth it. You can get ALL the information for free on YouTube from their channel and other content creators. See this post for a free resource list.


Outsourcing their own content

img 5fc7795dd3243

It has come to light that the creators attempted to outsource their own course multiple times. They tried to hire content creators on Fiverr to do the heavy lifting for them. Lucky, this got exposed – like in the screenshot above. 

I thought Kevin David was bad! Read what I discovered about him in my recent article here: Kevin David Net Worth | Con artist or genius?

But these guys seem to really take faking it to the next level. Whether they succeeded in outsourcing their courses or not – my trust (and yours hopefully) should be broken.

Asking their customers to flag bad reviews on YouTube

Coffeezilla made a fantastic video exposing how they persuaded their community into inappropriately flagging honest negative reviews of their course.

While I find Coffeezilla mildly insufferable, his research is fantastic and service to the space a great asset.

I’ll link that video here as a thanks to him and for your consideration:

Final verdict

With that all being said, I’ve come to some hopefully, fair conclusions which I hope will help you.

The products are not a scam, but they are wildly overpriced and there are better alternatives. 

Everything that you pay for in Nine University exists and is a real product. There really are lots of videos and a helpful Facebook group. 

However, you should not pay any money for these.

Community support can be found on Reddit and free Facebook groups.

Amazon FBA how-to videos can be found on YouTube.

Boost Nine software is poor, use Helium 10 or Jungle Scout instead.

For help getting started – see my preferred list of YouTube channels, blogs and free communities here.

Find out the most popular Alibaba Scams below:

Parting thoughts

I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible in this write-up, hopefully, I was for at least some of it.

To sum up:

  • Nine Boost Tool is lacking in features and accuracy
  • Nine University is hideously overpriced with questionable practices from its founders

Don’t go wasting your money on these products. Consume free content, use Helium 10 and spend your money on your first product – you will learn more from this than any course, and for less money!

Take care,

Dom Sign off
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