Portals Aliexpress Make More Money With These 2 Plugins

Portals Aliexpress Make More Money With These 2 Plugins

In a nutshell, Portals Aliexpress is the login website to Aliexpress affiliate program. This affiliate program allows you to make money by promoting AliExpress products. You can create your own affiliate store filled with products, and get paid commissions on sales.

Portals AliExpress

What is Portals AliExpress

Recently I received a few emails asking about portals AliExpress and their affiliate program in general, if it can be used with a dropshipping website.

Portals aliexpress is the login website to Aliexpress affiliate only. We covered the Aliexpress Affiliate program in detail in our previous article here: Can You Make Money With AliExpress Affiliate Program In 2021?

How to get Started with Aliexpress Affiliate in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Go to Portals Aliexpress


Alternatively you can earn affiliate commission by promoting Aliexpress products via Admitad. We found this to be easier and faster than through Aliexpress portals. Read more about it here.

Step 2: Create your website and promote selected products with your affiliate link or purchase AliPlugin, use a ready made WP Theme and have a fully automated website


Step 3: Promote, promote, promote get traffic to your links and get paid commissions on sales

How to get Started with Aliexpress Dropshipping in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Visit AliDropshiping website to purchase the plugin or an established drop-shipping store already making a profit


Step 2: Install and setup the plugin on your website and get paid for every sale you make


Step 3: Promote, promote, promote get more traffic to your online store to increase revenue

AliPlugin VS AliDropship what is the difference?

AliPlugin is a great tool for affiliates (you receive a commission from every sale that is done via your affiliate link). AliDropship is another tool aimed only for for dropshippers.

A dropshipper simply sells products without having any inventory themselves; meaning they don’t stock the product at all but just send it out when someone orders it from them using their store as a platform (like Amazon). On the other hand, Affiliates are people who promote products they and earn commissions for any sales generated from their links or content.

AliDropship Plugin

This is one of the most powerful tools available if you are running a drop-shipping business. AliDropship is a must have plugin if you are starting or are already running a dropshipping website. It’s packed with features that will save you time and money. It has the ability to connect your store with Aliexpress products and automatically add them to your store. It also adds related product recommendations from AliExpress, so you’ll be able to make more money!

Alidropship Plugin Reviews on Trustpilot

Alidropship Trustpilot review
Portals Aliexpress Make More Money With These 2 Plugins 1
AliDropship Plugin Features:
  • Easily import your store products from Aliexpress together with their images and descriptions – all processes are automated
  • Updates and support are free
  • Fully compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • access to a database of best selling 50,000+ selected products from AliExpress
  • a comprehensive control panel with it all the information that you need to monitor your store’s performance, your product inventory, revenue, traffic stats, sales etc.
  • no monthly or re-occurring fees – one time payment for the plugin


Aliplugin is the most powerfull plugin you can get for Aliexpress affilate portals.

Aliplugin features:
  • Multi language support for all portals on Aliexpress affiliate networks
  • Worldwide shipping services from China and other countries
  • Product promotion tools like banners & text ads
  • Live chat integration so customers can contact sellers directly
  • Easily Find products to promote – Search for the product you want to promote in the search bar and get straight to it.
  • Easily add products to your store – import with products with just one click
  • Get live statistics – view live statistics for your store
  • Automatically update products – automatically update promoted products to make sure they are always up-to-date
  • Auto translate product descriptions – automatically translate the product description to make it easier for your customers
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days – cookies last for 30 days, meaning you will need to promote your products again if they don’t convert in this time
  • Great built in wordpress themes – Aliplugin comes with a range of great looking themes that will work on WordPress
  • Optimized for mobile devices – Aliplugin is optimized for mobile devices, meaning you can promote your affiliate store on the go
  • Easy customization of themes – Choose a layout, edit colors, upload banners & images and choose what sort of products show on your homepage.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use Portals Aliexpress with dropshipping?

  • No you can’t Aliplugin is a great tool for Aliexpress Affiliates only. A great dropshipping tool is AliDropship Plugin.

How much does Aliplugin cost?

  • Aliplugin comes with a one-time $47 fee.

How much commission does portals aliexpress pay?

  • Portals aliexpress pays up to 20% commission on all sales generated by you through Aliexpress affiliate program.

Do they have a dropshipping portal?

  • portals aliexpress does not have a dropshipping portal.

How much time does portals AliExpress take?

It takes less than 5 minutes to create portals aliexpress affiliate account. We covered the whole process in this article: make money with AliExpress Affiliate program in 2021

Does it cost anything to signup to portals Aliexpress?

  • Portals Aliexpress is free and has no hidden costs or fees that you have to worry about when using them as an affiliate program partner!

Check out portals AliExpress for more information about their Affiliate Program: https://portals.aliexpress.com

If you are getting started with Aliexpress dropshipping make sure to read our WooZone Plugin review below!

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