Is Selling CPU Processing Power Worth it? + LoadTeam Review

Is Selling CPU Processing Power Worth it? + LoadTeam Review

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Selling CPU processing power is not a new idea, many companies have tried with varying degrees of success over the years. Claims of making £100 or more per month with Slicify and Gomez PEER were not uncommon. However, these platforms seem to have disappeared in recent times.

So, with reference to the biggest platform currently available, LoadTeam – is selling CPU processing power worth it?

Selling power from the average home computer will generate around $1 to $5 per month. If you have access to higher spec machines, your monthly earnings can be increased. Personally, I’d consider this small sum of money not worth the effort. However, some may enjoy the free pocket money.

What is LoadTeam?

LoadTeam is a Windows app that helps you make money by harvesting your computer’s idle power. The company is the front runner in this field currently with users in 158 countries. If you are going to be selling your computing power, I’d recommend trying them first.

You may have heard of various cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure by Microsoft for example. They offer users great quantities of computing power on an enormous scale. However, such scale requires an obscene amount of physical hardware and real estate to support it.

LoadTeam works in a similar fashion, with one major difference. They don’t own any of the hardware doing the computations. Instead, they ‘buy’ processing power in small portions from a large crowd of individual computers around the globe.

Here is their promotional video:

How does it work?

Being by signing up and downloading the Windows app. The app runs quietly in the background, processing jobs in order. Each job is worth a specified amount of money.

Once a job is completed, your computer relays the result to LoadTeam, who then pay you per job. Upon reaching the minimum pay-out balance of $1, you can withdraw from your account and be paid via PayPal.

The LoadTeam app can be run on as many computers as you like. The more processing power you give, the more you get paid.

The app also allows the user to select how much CPU power they want to give, and how hard they want their computer to work.

LoadTeam Screenshot

Is it safe?

I can’t answer this with any certainty! The only reassurance here is that all tasks come via LoadTeam themselves, which would make you hope there is a ‘vetting’ process.

They state that some tasks can include neural network training and cryptocurrency mining which can be prone to setting off anti-virus software.

Personally, I would proceed with caution and not use the app on any computer containing any precious files. However, I am not a tech expert, so I’ll leave this one up to you!

How much money can you make?

The amount you make will depend entirely on how much processing power you allow LoadTeam to use. The more power you ‘sell’, the greater number of tasks get completed, the more money you make.

There is a calculator on their website which will give you an idea of monthly earning potential – Link to calculator here.

Use the app to choose how hard you want your computer to work and thus, how many calculations per second it performs.

Ways to maximise your earnings selling computing power

While selling your cpu processing power is not particularly lucrative.  Here are a few considerations to maximise its potential:

  • Multiple devices – Install the LoadTeam app on every device you can get your hands on. Old pc in the cupboard? Get it working for you.
  • Leave devices on for longer – The more time spent running the app, the more money you make. However, weigh up electricity cost of running the devices when not using them for other purposes vs LoadTeam earnings.
  • Aggressive tuning – LoadTeam uses 20% of your processing power when the computer is being used as normal. This increases to 40% when the computer has sat idle for 10 minutes. Increase these percentages to see greater results.
  • Referral program – Invite others to earn 10% of everything they earn. The program allows unlimited referrals and unlimited earnings – that’s actually pretty good.

Verdict and my experience

I’ve tried to write this article from an unbiased standpoint, presenting the facts without opinion. Hopefully I came across in that manner.

However, I must say that after running the app for two months, I wasn’t overly impressed.

I made less than £2 ($2.5) per month on a fairly mediocre setting. You must, however, remember to consider how much the extra electricity is probably costing you. For those who don’t pay for their electricity (me luckily), this can be slightly overlooked.

For the average home user with one mid-range desktop or laptop I would consider this not a venture worth pursuing. However, if you have multiple higher end devices or older, secondary computers sitting around that could be put to work, you may consider it worthwhile.

Additionally, I can’t be certain of the security of my machine with an app running a .exe file. It may be 100% safe, but I would rather lose the £2 a month for peace of mind. If this doesn’t bother you and you would enjoy a free beer every month than please don’t let me put you off.

Finally, while you may consider this completely ‘passive income’, I would heavily recommend spending your time and energy on more reliable and lucrative projects. Take a look at some of these articles if you would like some inspiration:

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