Seth Kniep Net Worth + Just One Dime Reviews

Seth Kniep Net Worth + Just One Dime Reviews

seth kniep net worth
Seth Kniep Net Worth + Just One Dime Reviews 1

Let’s discuss another popular Amazon FBA guru, Seth Kniep, his net worth, and his course. 

You know the story by now, it all starts from humble beginnings, Amazon changes their life, then mesmerizingly expensive courses are released to help others. I will try to reign in the cynic in me and remain unbiased here as best I can but without further ado – what’s Seth Kniep net worth and is the Just One Dime course worth it?

Who is Seth Kniep

I came across Seth on YouTube in 2016, unfortunately, I can’t say I ever warmed to him. Nor did I think much of the software he was pushing at the time, AmazeOwl. I preferred Jungle Scout back then however, now Helium 10 (review here) is the current frontrunner.

However, he has stayed the course and has many fans, so he must chime a chord with many!

Seth Kniep is an ex-Apple employee from California. He maintains he was on a good path at the company but was tired of the monotonous 9-5. As such, he decided to leave and by painting “Live Like No One Else” on the wall of his office. Seth later turned to his wife and said, “I’m going to build a new life for our family.”

img 5fc77902827d8

Seth continued to start eBay and e-commerce businesses with limited success before finding his feet on Amazon.

After generating half a million dollars in 6 months on Amazon, he went on to hit highs of over $300,000 per month. Taking Seth at his word, this created a $3.5 Million per year business

Seth later turned to the digital products space and began selling Amazon FBA courses to the masses by leveraging his YouTube channel. Notably, he created the Just One Dime brand along the way.

Seth Kniep net worth

Like most successful entrepreneurs in the online space, Seth has built multiple streams of income to build his wealth.

From my research, the main ones are:

  • Selling physical products with Amazon FBA
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital and physical training courses
  • YouTube advertising revenue

Amazon FBA

The business model that got him started a few years ago. From what I can gather, he still sells on Amazon with respectable amounts of success. 

While his own website, states his Amazon sales total over $3.5 million per year, multiple other sources indicate he is just inside the 7-figure seller band with around $1 million in sales.

I would wager that Seth achieved the numbers in the screenshot below for a month or two and multiplied the monthly total by 12 for a ‘yearly’ figure:

img 5fc77902de1be
Seth Kniep Net Worth + Just One Dime Reviews 2

It is extremely common to have a few exceptional months with the rest lower, like near Christmas for example. With no disrespect to Seth, his numbers are great, but for an ongoing net worth estimate from FBA, I would estimate the $1,000,000 per year figure to be most accurate.

Considering Amazon FBA businesses sell for around 23x monthly earnings – Seth’s business would achieve a valuation of $1,932,000.

Total FBA net worth: $1,932,000

Digital and physical training courses

Course sales are where most ‘Gurus’ really start to spin up some cash. These products have exploded in the last few years due to their low overheads and high profit margins with low levels of management required. 

As a business model, I absolutely cannot argue with their merits. I think they work wonderfully well when combined with regular 1 to 1 coaching. However, the number of students that a coach can meaningfully mentor is certainly no more than 50, in my opinion.

So how many are on the Amazon FBA Mastery program from Just One Dime?

Here comes some research and estimation to get a rough figure…

The Just One Dime FaceBook page has 15,000 likes. This page owns the Amazon FBA Warriors FaceBook page which has 10,000 members (this page is public and can actually be useful for simple questions for beginners).

Public page here:

The private page has around 2500 members, and the prerequisite for joining is course membership. Thus, the current student count is around 2500 – note this figure does not include students that may have paid and since left the group.

Course membership costs $1997 at the time of writing.


2500 students x $1997 = $4,992,500 in course sales.

Seth employs about 10 coaches to help his students, I won’t pass judgement on whether that’s enough. As such, we can consider Seth to own the company assets. He’s been running courses for around 5 years which would equate to roughly $1,000,000 per year in sales.

Total training business net worth: $4,992,500 

YouTube and affiliate marketing

Seth has around 210,000 subscribers on YouTube at present. This has grown steadily over the years and deservedly so. He creates some great free content on his channel which I would encourage you to check out.

The channel has 8.8 million views over 415 videos. This gives an average view count of 21,200 views

Let’s assume a CPM for the US of $6-8. If we consider the average to be $7. This means an advertiser will pay between $7 per 1000 video views. However, YouTube (Google) takes 45% which leaves $3.85 per 1000 views.

$3.85 x 21.2 = $82 per video or $33,800 in total.

This income is then supplemented with affiliate marketing, where product affiliate links are included in YouTube videos and descriptions.

Products like AmazeOwl, Keyword Tool Dominator etc are mentioned on his channel.

While this is hard to judge accurately, if we assume a 0.01% conversion rate i.e. 1 in 1000 viewers used the advertised software. With an average affiliate commision of $25, 

8,800 referrals x $25 = $220,000 in affiliate commissions over 5 years.

Thus an extra $44,000 per year in – a modest but nice addition to the yearly income!

Total: $253,800 

This brings me to the conclusion that Seth Kniep’s net worth is $7,200,000. 

Just One Dime course content

The Amazon FBA Mastery course looks to be pretty packed (compared to others), with lots of content and interaction with coaches.

Here’s what is included:

img 5fc77905affda

However, the personal coaching seems to be where the real value in this course is:

img 5fc77910c236d

I’m of the opinion that interactive mentorship is the most important factor to starting or growing a new business. If you have access to a good mentor, a high price tag can begin to look more acceptable.

However, a good mentor that has time to develop and guide you are not easy to find – if you know any, milk them politely for as much of their knowledge as possible (not in a weird way).

Just One Dime course cost

According to their website the current offer is as follows:

img 5fc77911d1d30

Seth Kniep course reviews – Just One Dime

Disclaimer: I haven’t taken this Amazon FBA course. I will attempt to objectively assemble the facts and opinions of others who have taken the course to provide an unbiased and trustworthy information source.

As per usual, honest course reviews are hard to find by virtue of the fact most people making their opinions public are affiliated with the product, getting commissions on referrals.

My first port of call for such matters is usually Reddit, here you can find frank discussion on most things. However, Reddit can be a place to vent and attract more negative than positive traffic – as with all things, take a pinch of salt with you.

A post from 2 years ago worth reading:

Thoughts on Just One Dime:

I found some positive comments from Just One Dime employees which is a positive in my opinion. A company with satisfied and motivated employees is likely to deliver a better product to its customers and makes it more trustworthy in my eyes.

A mostly positive review from someone in a sports car:

Another positive but affiliated review:

Interesting thread with lots of positive reviews of the course but seem ‘flakey’ at best:

The remaining information on the Just One Dime course seems rather untrustworthy and biased – this is part of the reason I am writing this article. However, I will sum up the sentiments of real students of the course below:


  • Lots of course content with a mixture of videos, interactive live streams and 1-on-1 coaching.
  • The program allows sellers to generate up to 50 initial reviews on their new products using a community of buyers. This seems grey hat at best but valuable for sellers willing to risk such practices.
  • 72 hours of legal training from a Lawyer on intellectual property subjects. 
  • Content that caters to UK, India, Canada and other Amazon marketplaces in addition to the US.
  • Ties with suppliers which can help you find manufacturing partners – I am yet to find out if these manufactures are highly regarded or not – let me know your opinion if you have used them!
  • Seth Kniep net worth is sizeable from Amazon FBA alone, making him and thus his course more credible than others.


  • Relentless upselling in the FaceBook groups and even to current course members. This seems to transpire into the public domain too, with affiliates giving overwhelmingly positive reviews of the course. 
  • The course suggests a 2 hour per day commitment to get your business up and running. I think this is possible but highly unlikely, the required man-hours are much greater in the beginning stages. Perhaps two hours a day ongoing management once you are rolling is more accurate. 
  • Reported horseplay regarding difficulty in claiming refunds.
  • Reports of removal from FaceBook groups if you display negativity or disagreement.
  • Seth and the coaches give lots of wishy-washy motivation. While some may like this, I feel it is time wasted not talking about facts and driving learning efficiently. 
  • Lots of free content on Just One Dime’s YouTube channel is enough to learn the basics, the $1997 course price tag seems expensive.


Is Just One Dime legit?

Yes, the company and brand Just One Dime is legitimate. They offer a popular training course for Amazon sellers with lots of content. However, It’s priced at $1997, so whether or not this is good value is the real question.

My poop is just one dime sized – why is that?

Sorry, wrong website mate. But you can find out how not to get scammed on Alibaba here!

How many students are there in Seth Kniep’s course?

The private FaceBook group of current course members is around 2500 people. The prerequisite for joining is paid course membership, thus we can assume this number accurately represents student numbers.

My opinion

Seth Kniep net worth is upwards of $7 million, this makes him a successful businessman, but the value of his Amazon course for the average consumer is debatable.

Similar to my summary of Kevin David’s course, I don’t consider the price tag worthy of the course content. All the information new sellers need to start their Amazon FBA journey is available for free from blogs like this and YouTube. 

Let me reiterate, I haven’t taken this course so please feel free to discount my opinion however, I feel your money would be better spent consuming free content before taking a first stab at a product. The learning you will get from this will far outweigh any videos you can watch for $1997. 

Take care,

Dom Sign off
Seth Kniep Net Worth + Just One Dime Reviews 3

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