SiteBuddy Full 2021 Review: Make More Money with Amazon Affiliate For Free!

SiteBuddy Full 2021 Review: Make More Money with Amazon Affiliate For Free!

SiteBuddy is one of the best Amazon Affiliate tools we have tested so far. It really does the job, and will help you with your online affiliate site. It tells you exactly what is wrong with your Amazon Affiliate website, so that you can make more money. The best part is that you can use it for free!

Make more money SiteBuddy Guarantee

Monetizing your website, blog, or social media appears simple enough, especially with programs like Amazon Associates. However, multiple roadblocks that can interfere with your goal of monetizing your website, blog, or social media. The biggest problem is maintaining your affiliate linking status after you sign up and outfit your website.

Common issues that online businesses using Amazon affiliate links face:

Amazon Affiliate Website Issues That Effect Your Income

  • Broken links

  • Out of stock products

  • Sites that are down

  • Deleted products

  • Pages that don't have an Amazon affiliate disclaimer

  • Amazon product links that don't have Amazon affiliate tags

These barriers will prevent your site from making money. The good news is that the SiteBuddy Amazon Affiliate tool eliminates these problems.

What does SiteBuddy do in a nutshell?

It examines your site, specifically searching for Amazon affiliate link problems. SiteBuddy scans your site and tells you exactly what’s wrong. It also walks you through how to fix it. This tool is the most advanced Amazon Affiliate link checker on the market. Plus, SiteBuddy promises results—or you don’t owe them a penny. Read their Money Back Guarantee here.

Ready to learn more about SiteBuddy and how to make it work for you?

SiteBuddy is Committed to Your Growth

Growth SiteBuddy Dashboard

SiteBuddy’s bottom line is protecting your bottom line. After all, your success means more business for them. A suite of services and tools helps you scale up your affiliate site and keep tabs on your earnings with ease. Check out these growth-inducing features of SiteBuddy.

Monthly Update

Monthly updates of all potential problems involving your site. This consistency helps you stay on top of your website without constantly logging in and skimming over your dashboard (more on that in a minute). The alerts are an excellent way to receive notifications about crucial situations that could come up in between manual visits.

Real-time Dashboard

The Team is in the process of developing a new feature for their site. They’re introducing a real-time dashboard that allows you to see identified problems immediately and correct them as soon as you realize they’re there.

Public Roadmap

The company provides a public roadmap, in which it shares their ideas for what they will become in the future. It is their mission to rise above being only an Amazon affiliate link monitoring tool. Customers can even leave feedback, which means you have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the tool.

Public Objectives and Key Results

Along with the updates on the functionality of your website, they’ll continue to inform you of what they’re doing to make this Amazon Associates tool more effective. They assure you results that’ll benefit your online business in the long run.

Assistance and Customer Service

With every update and on the website itself, someone from SiteBuddy’s team will be available to help you with repairs.

What Do You Get With the Site Buddy Starter Pack?

The SiteBuddy Amazon Affiliate tool has a starter pack that provides you with the bare essentials and everything you will need to get started. For starters, the starter pack will afford you monthly scans for up to 25 pages. Additionally, the program will check to see if the Amazon products are out of stock. The program will also ensure every Amazon product link has affiliate tags.

  FREE Starter Plan

Monthly Site Scan Updates

Up To 25 Pages

Check For Amazon Products Out Of Stock

Make Sure All Amazon Product Links Have Affiliate Tags

Find All Pages Without Amazon Affiliate Disclaimers

This starter plan will get your page on the path to making money through optimizing the monetization process. Along those lines, SiteBuddy will find all pages with Amazon affiliate disclaimers.

What do you Get With the Site Buddy Pro Pack?

The SiteBuddy Pro pack is a more comprehensive approach towards completely optimizing your website’s monetization process. Not only does the pro pack come replete with everything available in the starter pack, but there are some additional perks that will make your site, blog, or social media even more productive than the starter pack.

Instead of the monthly scans, you now have access to weekly scans as a user of SiteBuddy’s pro pack. Not only this, but the pro pack allows you to scan unlimited pages to an unlimited amount of sites. As a user of the pro pack edition, you will have the ability to download and expect results from the scan.

Lastly, as a pro pack user, you will receive priority support with any issues you may come across.

 Pro Plan
Starting At $12/Month

Monthly Site Scan Updates

Up To 25 Pages

Unlimited Sites

Check For Amazon Products Out Of Stock

Make Sure All Amazon Product Links Have Affiliate Tags

Find All Pages Without Amazon Affiliate Disclaimers

Download and Export Results

Priority Support

Advantages of Using SiteBuddy

Advantages SiteBuddy

No More Broken Links

To understand the advantages of using SiteBuddy to eliminate anything that may hurt your earning, you must first understand the disadvantages of dealing with broken links. If you’re not already familiar with broken links, a broken link is what happens when a customer clicks on a product for purchase, and the page displays a “404 error.”

Below are the most common reason for having a broken link:

  • If you renamed or moved a web page and forgot to change your internal links.
  • Linking to content that has been moved or deleted, such as PDFs, Amazon Associates.
  • Linking to a third party page without knowledge that they moved the page or changed the URL.

This issue is notorious for deterring potential buyers from ever returning to your site again. No one wants to get ready to buy a product, only to be prevented from doing so because of a broken link.

More times than not, this situation will only drive such a person into the arms of your competitors. Therefore, having no more broken links will ensure that potential buyers can get the products they desire without inconvenience.

Checks for Out of Stock Products

We’ve all been there before, instead of going to your nearest department store for a particular product, you went to the internet to make a purchase on a site only to be let down by the words “out of stock.”

Especially when your site is recommending a specific product, this can be detrimental to your affiliate efforts. If they can’t easily purchase a product you suggest, your site visitors may decide not to bother with your recommendations at all. These are the stakes you’re dealing with when your content is linked to a product out of stock.

So remember that having a link with products that are in stock is just as important as not having a broken link. Having a broken link not only jeopardizes your immediate earnings but your future earnings as well!

Sites That are Down

Sites that are down present the same problems as the previous, in the sense that it impedes the potential buyer’s ability to purchase the desired item. Below are common reasons that one of your sites is registering as “down.”

  • There’s a possible programing error on your website
  • The entire server has crashed
  • There’s a DNS problem or an expired domain
  • There’s a networking problem
  • Something on the server has crashed

Keep in mind that it takes time to build trust from your trafficking customers, but only a moment to completely ruin the trust that they have instilled in you. A downed site will only serve to make your clientele disgruntled and eat into your immediate and future earnings. A smooth-running site is the best way to maximize your site’s potential for making money.

Get Rid of Deleted Products

Although challenging, depending on how many sites you have, it is essential to keep track of the products that your site is linked to. Products can be deleted and replaced at the drop of a hat. This is where the benefit of having the SiteBuddy Amazon Affiliate tool shines through.

After a series of detailed scans, SiteBuddy patrols the products on your page for viability. SiteBuddy notifies you of any products that were deleted.

SiteBuddy can do in moments what may take you possibly hours to complete. Instead of going through every one of your links only to discover that they’re still viable and tactful, SiteBuddy removes such tedium from your life, freeing you up to place productive energy into growing your company.

To maximize your earnings, you cannot afford to have any of these impediments on your site. SiteBuddy is adept and eliminates these impediments, allowing your profits to grow.

Find Pages that Don’t Have an Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer

As you well know, to properly monetize your site using Amazon Affiliate, you must have links with the proper disclaimers. If you are not vigilant, it is relatively easy to acquire a link to a product that does not have the appropriate disclaimer. In doing so, you jeopardize your ability to make any money at all on such a product. You must adhere to Amazon’s appropriate conduct standards.

SiteBuddy will scan your page and find links to pages that do not have an Amazon Affiliate disclaimer. As you can imagine, this markedly increases your site’s efficiency and effectiveness, which will inevitably boost your earnings.

Use Appropriate Amazon Affiliate Tags

You want to ensure that you have the appropriate Amazon Affiliate tag because it is the direct way to earn your commission from Amazon. Therefore, SiteBuddy will ensure that all of your tags are proper and allow you to earn as much revenue as possible.

Visit their demo Dashboard Control Center here.

SiteBuddy Control Center

What if SiteBuddy Doesn’t Work?

If somehow, after you’ve made the recommended changes suggested by SiteBuddy and you don’t make more money for every visitor that comes to your page, the company promises to give you Sitebuddy free Amazon Associates Tool for a year.

There’s no catch or strings attached; once it’s been determined that your site hasn’t made any money, which is easily verifiable, then you can experience the SiteBuddy free Amazon Associate’s tool for a month.

This is SiteBuddy official Success Guarantee Statement

You Make More Money Or It’s Free” Guaranteed

If you make the changes that SiteBuddy recommends and don’t make more money per visitor, we will give you the tool for free for a year. No catch, and it’s not hard to verify. Read on to see how you can get SiteBuddy for free.

Link to their website “You Make More Money Or It’s Free”

To Qualify:

Accessing SiteBuddy for Free (Process After Qualification)

For every one thousand pageviews, calculate your earnings over a period of 30 days, before you started using SiteBuddy. You can easily achieve this by utilizing Google Analytics and examining the pages you have monetized with Amazon Associates.

The next step is to divide page views to associate pages and divide it by your Amazon income. Here is the formula: Pageviews to the Associate’s pages / the Associate’s income.

Next, per thousand pageviews with Amazon Associates, calculate your earnings for 30 days after you’ve made the changes SiteBuddy recommended.

Use a screen capture program to record your metrics. Loom is an excellent choice because it’s verifiable.

SiteBuddy has to increase your earnings for every one thousand page views. If this service doesn’t deliver results for you, share your feedback with the SiteBuddy team. Their guarantee? You’ll have free access to SiteBuddy for a full year to try again. Read more on their website here.

After having qualified for SiteBuddy, send a record of your earnings not having increased via email to Use the subject line, “You make money, or it’s free guarantee.”

After receiving notice, SiteBuddy will reimburse your first monthly payment, and allow a year of free help. This guarantee leaves you in a win-win situation—so there’s no reason not to try.

How Can You Benefit From Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

There are many benefits of joining the Amazon affiliate program. This program offers quality products for anyone looking to monetize their site. Below is a list of why you should join the Amazon affiliate program.

  • A well-reputed and trusted brand
  • Almost all goods are available
  • Extended benefits
  • Safe and reliable
  • The marketplace covers a broad range of niches
  • Powerful Platform

Final Thoughts

SiteBuddy’s Amazon Affiliate tool is one way that website owners are making a splash in the world of monetization. SiteBuddy is so confident in its services that SiteBuddy’s Amazon Associate tool is free to anyone who reports with the proper proof that their site hasn’t benefited financially from using SiteBuddy.

Signing up to be a part of Amazon’s affiliate program is the easy part—ensuring that you earn respectable revenue is the tricky part. Whether it is the starter pack or the pro pack, SiteBuddy covers all of the necessary bases to make certain that you increase your earnings or you receive the tool-free for a month.

“You Don’t Make More Money Or It’s Free” Guaranteed

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