Slidejoy Review – Is lock screen advertising worth it?

Slidejoy Review – Is lock screen advertising worth it?

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I wanted to know if it’s possible to make meaningful extra passive income every month from using phone lock screen advertising services like Slidejoy. Just install the app and get paid by PayPal – what’s not to like?

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Presumably, you’re curious to know the answer, like I was. I can tell you that my opinion is no, not for me personally. However, please find my reasoning below, you may consider the free beer or two every month to be worth it!

Note: only available for Android.

A brief summary of lock screen advertising

Lock screen advertising apps do what they say on the tin. They place an advert on your phone’s lock screen. Users swipe left if they are interested, up for another ad, or swipe right to unlock their phone as normal.

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We, the user, get paid in ‘Carats’ for hosting the ad on our lock screen. These Carats can be converted to USD and paid to us via PayPal when the balance reaches $2. For reference 1000 Carats = $1.

Why Slidejoy

I am always sceptical when installing any sort of app that will run in the background. I want to be sure there is no malware or drain on my phone’s resources. Consequently, I chose Slidejoy, being one of the larger and better-known companies in this space with 1 million+ downloads.

Slidejoy Google Play store link can be found here.

Slidejoy FAQ here.

How to make money with Slidejoy

1. Download the app and use your phone as normal

Get the app, put up with the ads and cash in your small number of Carats every time you reach the minimum $2 PayPal pay-out. Earning potential is around $2-6 USD per month.

2. Complete surveys and play games

You can increase your earning potential by playing various games and taking surveys through the app. This however, is a complete waste of your precious time. The extra earnings are not worth your valuable time – spend it elsewhere on more lucrative ventures.

3. Referrals

Every user receives a referral code that they can share with others. This can be used to good effect to generate 100 extra Carats for every 500 Carats the new user accumulates (for the first 3 months after registration). You would need to continually refer people to Slidejoy to make this a powerful referral scheme.

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The drawbacks

There are considerable drawbacks to using Slidejoy:

  1. Battery life – It drained my battery a lot quicker than normal, I’d rather have the battery life for $4 a month. You may not agree.
  2. Performance effects – I felt my phone operated more slowly at times with Slidejoy operating.
  3. I don’t like background applications – whether the software is malicious or not (not suggesting it is in anyway), I prefer not having things running constantly in the background.
  4. Withdrawal period – It takes 30 days before your accrued Carats are available to withdraw as cash.

The bottom line

I really like the idea of no-contract passive income. However, lock screen advertising and Slidejoy are not going to make you rich.

Can Slidejoy provide you with extra income every month? Yes.

However, I have stopped using it as I don’t feel the exchange between financial gain and phone performance is worth it. As a marketer, Slidejoy makes a lot of sense. For a user, the drawbacks are too significant for me.

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Finally, bear in mind that these are my personal opinions, the extra cash for a free beer or two every now and then might really interest you. I had no problems with the platform, so I’d encourage you to try it if this sounds like you.

As ever, I hope you’ve found this rather informal ramble somewhat useful.

Take care,

Dom Sign off

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