Spocket vs Oberlo The Best Drop-shipping Solutions in 2021

Spocket vs Oberlo The Best Drop-shipping Solutions in 2021

For many online merchants, drop-shipping items is at the heart of their business models. Oberlo and Spocket are the two best drop-shipping tools used by eCommerce stores. Read our full review Spocket vs Oberlo to fully understand the benefits of each of these services and choose the best option for your needs.

How Drop-shipping Works

Spocket dropshiping tool

In the standard retail operating model, stores receive products that are then sold in person or online to their customers. Drop-shipping, however, allows online merchants to eliminate most of the storage space required for delivering on their orders. Instead of selling only items they have in stock, drop-shippers order items from third-party manufacturers or wholesalers. Who deliver the products directly to the customer on behalf of the online merchant. Companies who offer drop-shipping services work with these online vendors to ensure fulfillment of orders in the most space-efficient and timely way possible.

The Right Supplier Matters

Spocket vs Oberlo choosing the right supplier

Choosing the right drop-shipping suppliers and applications can make a real difference in the speed of shipping. The accuracy of orders and the reputation of your online store. Especially for businesses that market their goods through Shopify and Squarespace websites and e-commerce platforms. Considering the benefits of Spocket can have a significant impact on the ability of your company to fulfill orders reliably. These advanced interfaces offer practical assistance in managing drop-shipping activities for online merchants.

Spocket vs Oberlo

Both Spocket and the Oberlo extension are designed to work with Shopify and Squarespace platforms. They help to create a working website and to find products available for drop-shipping. Both of these applications allow merchants to streamline the process of finding products for their Shopify and Squarespace storefronts. Spocket and Oberlo differ in some important ways, however.

Logo color




US and EU product suppliers Higher quality products, faster shipping

Only Aliexpress - made in China cheaper, often lower quality products


  • Imports of products

  • Order fulfillment

  • Pricing rules

  • Inventory updates

  • Syncing all tracking numbers

  • Imports of products

  • Order fulfillment

  • Pricing rules

  • Inventory updates


Starts from $24/monthly
Limited free plan available


Differences between these applications include the following:

Product origin
Spocket US and EU products

Spocket sources about 80 percent of its products through carefully vetted suppliers in the United States and the European Union. This is in contrast to the Oberlo extension, which generally sources its items primarily from AliExpress. As a result of this difference, Spocket usually provides higher quality products, faster shipping and improved estimates of shipping times for U.S. companies and customers.

Automated functions

Both Spocket and Oberlo offer automated functions that include imports of products, order fulfillment, pricing rules and inventory updates. Spocket does get the edge over Oberlo in syncing all tracking numbers to Shopify. This is an important consideration for many online merchants. Oberlo requires manual entry for this information on your part. It can add up to significant time needed to manage tracking for your Shopify shipments.

Automated dropshipping - spocket compared to Oberlo
Product quality
Spocket or Oberlo top quality products

Spocket is preferred over Oberlo in terms of product quality. Each supplier has been individually vetted by the Spocket team. You can be sure that these products will meet the expectations of customers. This can significantly cut down on returns and other issues that could reduce the profitability of your online store.

Customer support

Support for both Spocket and Oberlo is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is a must for dealing with issues that can arise with drop-shipping activities. Spocket may narrowly edge out Oberlo, however, in terms of customer satisfaction with the support received by online merchants.

Customer support is better with Spocket
Spocket vs Oberlo Free Trial
Spocket free trial vs Oberlo free trial

Both Spocket and the Oberlo application offer three tiers of service that include a free basic plan. The free plan offered by Oberlo supports 500 products. They include all products sold by your store during a given month. They are not limited only to those products obtained through Oberlo. By contrast, Spocket offers a free plan that allows to browse Spocket’s Catalogue of products and a 14 day free trial of their service with all the features.

For most online entrepreneurs, Spocket offers significant benefits over the Oberlo extension. Additionally it provides an affordable way to manage not only Shopify drop-shipping sales. As one of the most popular Oberlo alternatives, Spocket delivers a number of added benefits for its clients.

Why Spocket compared to Oberlo Is Your Best Bet

Whether you are a first-time drop-shipping vendor or an experienced entrepreneur, Spocket offers a number of features and functions that can help you manage your online store more effectively:

  • You will receive currency exchange assistance, real-time inventory updating and global pricing rules as well as shipment tracking for all your orders. Basic tier members, however, will be limited to email support for their technical issues.
  • Spocket’s Pro tier expands the number of unique products you can stock to 250. You will also be able to access premium products through the Spocket interface. Branded invoicing that bears your company’s name will also be included with the items shipped to your customers on this tier of service. Both chat and email support methods are available at this level of service. These benefits are in addition to the features included at the Basic tier.
  • If you want to stock an unlimited number of unique products, the Empire tier is the right choice for you. It offers all the benefits of the other tiers and allows you to expand your available stock to the fullest degree possible.

Spocket offers a free fourteen-day trial period for each of its paid tiers. This can allow you to try before you buy to make sure that a particular paid level is the right one for you.

The Vetting Process

Spocket vs Oberlo – one of the biggest advantages of choosing Spocket over other Oberlo alternatives is its customized vetting process. This involves three basic steps on the part of the supplier:

  • Aspiring suppliers to Spocket must fill out a detailed application in which they commit to shipping times, rates and packaging requirements. They must also agree to offer a discount to Spocket users for the products they provide.
  • Spocket then performs an investigative interview with the company to make sure it is both legitimate and reliable as a source for their products.
  • The staff members at Spocket then order products from the supplier to determine if the shipping times and quality of the items meet Spocket’s demanding standards.

This three-pronged approach to evaluating suppliers sets Spocket apart from its competition and ensures that the products you provide for your customers meet high standards for quality and functionality in the competitive marketplace.

Making the Drop-ship Process Easy

Easy spocket setup

Because Spocket verifies and vets all their drop-shipping partners, you can enjoy greater confidence that your customers will receive their products in a timely way and that those products will live up to their descriptions. This will help you build a solid reputation in the online marketplace and will typically lead to repeat business from satisfied customers. You can fully integrate Spocket with Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce and WooCommerce to help you manage your online store more efficiently. The Spocket interface also allows you to order product samples quickly and easily to help you decide whether they are right for your customers.

Spocket vs Oberlo – the Right Choice for Your Online Store

These benefits and features make Spocket the obvious choice for those just beginning to offer drop-ship services and for veterans of the drop-shipping process. The flexibility offered by the three tiers of Spocket service allows you to scale your investment to match the number of sales you make and expect each month. This can help you maximize your profitability while ensuring that you can offer the best products for your current and potential customers.

To start with Spocket, visit the website and set up your account. Spocket makes it easy to begin your drop-shipping journey today and to build your customer base and your profitability now and in the future.

If you prefer to start with Oberlo make sure you already have a Shopify store. More information on how to get started with Shopify here.

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