Top 10 Alibaba Alternatives in 2021

Top 10 Alibaba Alternatives in 2021

Alibaba is one of the leading technology companies in the world, with annual revenue of 72 billion. The company is based in Hangzhou, China, and is also known as Alibaba Group Holdings Limited. This international business specializes in all business development facets, including internet, retail, e-commerce, and tech-based approaches.

As the global e-commerce market expands, you’ll find many Alibaba alternatives, including subsidiaries and companies that offer access to the global marketplace. You’ll find a lot of options to consider for all your business’ needs. This article will provide a list of reputable alternatives suited for a wide range of business models and goals.

Reasons to Seek Alibaba Alternatives

Many small businesses gravitate towards large companies like Alibaba to develop platforms for selling retail products and services online. While Alibaba is a celebrity-grade company with international coverage, there are a few distinct reasons why small businesses may want to invest in an alternative:

  • Alibaba has many suppliers and subsidiaries that vary in quality, so you’ll have to vet them thoroughly to separate the good performers from the lost causes. This uncertainty poses a risk, especially if you are new to the market and need a solid foundation.
  • There is a growing trend to look for alternatives to Alibaba. This is due to the inconsistent performance results in sales and growth, which means there are better options elsewhere.
  • If you’re selling products and services like many of your competitors, chances are they are with Alibaba too. Your business won’t necessarily stand out because they have the same advantages as you. Lowering your prices or establishing a reputation outside of the website might help, though this can also hinder your company’s progress.

Considering the unpredictability of Alibaba’s suppliers and affiliates, there are other reputable and well-established companies specializing in international trade that can get your business moving in the right direction!

1. 24-7 Access and High Ratings from the Ministry of Commerce: DHGate

The first website to offer twenty-four-hour assistance, DHGate is established as a progressive company that provides close to 8 million products to nearly twice as many buyers.

DHGate Alibaba Alternative

The company’s B2B platform is easy to use, professional and aims to connect small to mid-sized services and suppliers in China to a wide range of buyers worldwide.

The top advantages of DHGate:

  • The website is easy to use with an excellent interface.
  • It supports multiple sources of payment.
  • Online financial services are available, including DHGate PayPal.
  • It provides impressive security and well-established foreign trade services.

The Drawbacks of DHGate:

  • There is a lack of consistency when it comes to product quality.

Overall, the company offers an excellent platform with integrity and continuity. It’s a great platform to consider if you’re looking to expand your line of products quickly and securely.

2. A Transparent Marketplace: eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade logo

Established in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 2006, EWorldTrade is considered one of the world’s top B2B companies for electronic devices and products. It’s known for its open-concept and transparency with excellent digital tools and branding options, innovative ideas, and a strong reputation for problem-solving.

The advantages of selling with eWorldTrade:

  • There are half a million registered users.
  • A well-established company with good connections between buyers and suppliers internationally, creating a seamless process.
  • The deliveries are prompt.
  • The customer service is enthusiastic and friendly.
  • The trading platform is easy to use, offering a positive experience overall.

The drawbacks of using this marketplace

  • The returns may not be as satisfactory as other aspects.

Fortunately, you’ll find virtually no issues with eWorldTrade, based on users’ ratings and feedback. Any problems with shipments or orders are usually traced to the warehouse level, whereas the online platform is well designed and practically problem-free!

3. An “Eezee” Way to Break into the International Market

Eezee Way to Break into the International Market

Eezee is a B2B company based in Singapore, with goals of further expansion throughout Asia. While the company specializes in industrial-grade hardware and related products, there are many other product options for suppliers to promote and sell to buyers. Eezee is a new company, established in 2017, though the outlook for success is promising and consistently positive.

The pros of doing business with Eezee:

  • The company’s site offers a large group of suppliers, which allows for reasonable pricing and cost-effective trade.
  • Supportive and friendly customer service team for assistance with platform and business transactions.
  • Eezee accommodates any size of business model or size (new venture, small, or large-scale operations).

Are there any drawbacks?

  • There is a lack of customization.
  • The platform leaves little room for change, which provides a “uniform” appearance.

Overall, Eezee is the right choice for suppliers looking for a cost-effective option for their business.

4. TradeKey Is a Top Global Contender

If your focus is on the global distribution of products to as many corners of the world as possible, TradeKey is an excellent place to build! Firstly, the website is multilingual, which is ideal for world trade. It is also one of the first online marketplaces to receive the ISO 27001 Information Security System and the ISO 9001 Quality Management Security System.

tradeKey one of the top Alibaba alternatives

The advantages of TradeKey in the global marketplace

  • It’s considered a premier website suitable for worldwide trade with multiple languages and an eye for the global market.
  • Connects buyers and sellers globally, allowing for easy expansion in business.
  • The company establishes a clear vision for the future with goals and targets.
  • Training is available for suppliers to help them navigate the system and achieve success.

Any disadvantages to working with TradeKey?

  • Some delays in shipments may occur, which is familiar with global businesses and suppliers (often due to third-party factors)

Overall, there are no issues in dealing with TradeKey. It is one of the top e-commerce businesses to consider. When you consider the wide range of tools and global exposure with TradeKey, there is little to no risk for your business. It’s an ideal company to explore for developing your business.

5. Global Sources: A Market Leader

Global Sources is like Alibaba, with over 45 years in the international market and a rich source of suppliers and buyers. They offer some distinct advantages that may persuade you to consider them for your emerging e-business. Global Sources is a strong player in the mass exporting of goods from big-box stores and organizing large-scale trade shows across Asia. Currently it is one of the best Alibaba Alternatives.


This international company is well known and has established an impeccable reputation in the world market and e-commerce industry.

The benefits of doing business with Global Sources: Where to begin?

  • Suppliers are thoroughly vetted to ensure only the highest and most reputable brands are represented on its website.
  • It provides a robust offline presence with large, international suppliers and trade show events, establishing a healthy trust level with their online platform.
  • They want suppliers who are serious about success to offer the highest level of service and products worldwide.
  • Many businesses who work with Global Sources arrange display booths and promotional events at a large trade show to demonstrate a high level of commitment.
  • It offers a wide range of trendy products that are always relevant, such as electronics, home furnishings, clothing, accessories, and more.

Many users (both buyers and sellers) report a better experience working with Global Source than other mid-size or large companies. Western Sales (North America, Europe) are considered more successful and positive with Global Sources than other comparable companies.

There are a few notable cons:

  • When you register with the company, you need to prove your worth as a supplier or seller before accepting your place at the table.
  • Getting a quotation for your products requires more work than other platforms, resulting in a slower turnaround, which can be a drawback for some businesses.
  • The selection of suppliers is smaller than Alibaba due to the strict vetting process. It means sellers have the advantage of getting more space and less competition in the website’s marketplace.
  • There is less for buyers to choose from, which may be seen as a disadvantage.

Overall, once you join Global Source as a reputable supplier, you’ll find there are a lot of paths to success, as long as you’re ready to work hard and persevere towards your goals. It’s the perfect company to consider for your business if you aim to represent your brand at trade shows and similar events visibly.

6. IndoTrading: One Platform for All Your Business Networking Needs

A global trading e-commerce company based in Indonesia, IndoTrading offers an excellent directory for businesses to connect with exporters, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, and other connections. Everything you need for growth and success is ready at your fingertips! There are a lot of reasons to consider IndoTrading for your day-to-day selling needs.

IndoTrading screenshot

The advantages of doing business with IndoTrading:

  • It’s a flexible company with fast results.
  • The company is innovative, and new users are joining every day.
  • There is consistent growth and success, making it an excellent place to begin
  • It offers a flexible interface online and friendly staff to provide support as needed.

The company was initially started as a small venture and has steadily grown into a large, respectable trading center.

There’s just one drawback:

  • The website and company can get very busy, making it a challenge to work with despite IndoTrading’s best efforts.

Fortunately, the company is generally on the right track, and the minor drawbacks can be overcome in time with the right solutions in place. The high level of traffic to the website is also a positive sign and can be accommodated long-term with adequate staffing and support.

7. IndiaMART: Make Your Business Visible!

IndiaMart best Indian market Alibaba alternative

A well-established e-commerce business, IndiaMART serves some of India’s largest companies and excellent leadership for continued growth and success. The website is continuously improving over the past decade. Starting in 1996, the company has strong roots and growth patterns, so any business will thrive and build confidence.

The advantages of working with IndiaMART:

  • IndiaMART offers a stable, visible company with a solid vision and reputation.
  • It offers good branding to market your products more comfortably to a broader audience.
  • The company’s leadership is stable and robust, which contributes significantly to continual growth for several decades.
  • There is a definite sense of credibility.

One minor disadvantage:

  • Shipments can experience delays or issues when orders are placed, which is common with international business.

As with many large e-commerce businesses, shipments can experience delays, and orders can get processed incorrectly. It’s not always an issue that can be avoided, especially when third-parties or postal service problems are involved. Fortunately, the management team is always looking to improve its image and its users’ confidence in its website.

8. AliExpress: A Reputable Subsidiary of Alibaba

AliExpress is a well-known company offering shopping worldwide. It’s also a reputable affiliate of Alibaba and worth looking into if you start a new small or mid-sized business. Offering products for sale worldwide, AliExpress sells products locally, which offers new ventures a way to “test” the market. It is a perfect Alibaba substitute.

aliexp min

The benefits of AliExpress:

  • It’s ideal for new and small businesses.
  • Many of the same products offered on Alibaba are also available on AliExpress, which helps you be familiar with them.
  • Supports many payment options including Paypal
  • There is a lower requirement to sell a specific volume, so you don’t have to sell in large quantities.
  • The company provides the Escrow service to protect your revenue sales from fraud and an extra layer of protection for smaller businesses and new ventures.
  • Aliexpress has an affiliate program

Are there any drawbacks to consider before you register with AliExpress?

  • Prices are generally higher, and this is in conjunction with lower sale volume requirements and targets.
  • You’ll deal with a “middleman,” which means you don’t have direct connections with the suppliers of your goods.
  • In some cases, defective and counterfeit products are encountered, and these cannot be traced. The company strives to protect the buyer and seller, though this is a risk.

If establishing a robust and long-term relationship with buyers and suppliers is essential, AliExpress isn’t the choice for you. On the other hand, AliExpress is ideal at giving you an easy platform to promote and sell your goods. If you don’t need the direct networking aspect of selling and want an easy, user-friendly site to market your small inventory, AliExpress is worth checking out!

9. A Great Online Directory of Chinese Suppliers

1688 Marketplace

If you’re looking for a company that sells directly to the Chinese market, is an excellent option to consider. The business is a subsidiary of Alibaba and offers products for sale only within China. For this reason, suppliers and sellers are not required to be licensed, which means products are relatively inexpensive and offer items not found on other websites.

There are distinct advantages to the customer:

  • It’s an excellent place to research products and gather market intelligence for pricing, which is not a benefit found on other platforms.
  • Suppliers on this site tend to be unique.
  • They are not featured on other sites or venues for selling.

The disadvantages of working with

  • The products featured on this site are generally cheaper and lower in quality.
  • The website is not multilingual and does not offer English services.

In general, is a good option for specialty products exclusive to China, and for this reason, it’s a website to consider.

10. Chinavasion: One of China’s Largest e-Commerce Options

If you’re looking for a company that provides quality control and features a wide range of electronic services, Chinavasion is an excellent option to consider. It’s a leader in selling electronic products and accessories and has established B2B relationships globally to provide superior quality products at reasonable prices.


The benefits of working with Chinavasion:

  • The company is well known for establishing both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relations in the online electronics marketplace.
  • They offer excellent logistics and payment agency services.
  • Solid reputation for providing excellent products with reliable payment systems, keeping your account and sales secure and productive

A few disadvantages to note:

  • The company struggles in keeping up with demand, which is the main drawback.

The world of electronics is ever-changing, and new products are emerging regularly. Maintaining a fast-paced platform can prove challenging, even at the best times. This is the only major disadvantage to working with Chinavasion, though overall, the e-commerce platform is robust and promising for the future.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

Finding the right platform for sourcing your products can be a lot of work! As such, it’s essential to consider your objectives and goals over the next year. You’ll find every website offers tremendous advantages, though they may only work for specific products or business models.

Your business’s size, short and long-term goals, and previous experience with other companies and websites are essential factors to weigh when choosing your platform.

As the global economy continues to expand, you’ll find new and improved options on current e-commerce sites. Plus, you’ll discover unlimited growth for your business’ vision, networking, and a lot of education about global trends as you explore all your options.

A careful assessment of every opportunity and business model is a worthwhile investment of your time to ensure you’re making the right choice!

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